Cellar Stories: Atlantic Beach NY

Cellar Stories: Atlantic Beach NY

Here is another picturesque example of how a custom built wine cellar can provide both function and beauty for any wine collection. We visited this customer out in Atlantic Beach, Long Island NY to see how this cellar turned out post installation and in full working form.

Let’s Take A Video Tour of the Unique Custom Wine Cellar

With a handful of magnums and even larger format bottles in this customer’s collection, we wanted them to really be showcased somehow without affecting the overall capacity. This collection also included a large number of wood and cardboard cases, so we needed to figure out how to properly accommodate those as well.

Custom All Heart Racking

Atlantic Beach Custom CellarThis cellar, like many, was created using natural All Heart Redwood as the style and coloring matched perfectly with the Jerusalem stone used for the flooring. Aesthetically, the customer really liked the idea of alternating the walls with diamond cubes and individual racking which turned out absolutely stunning. With the added high reveal display row for his featured bottles this cellar exudes a balance of both functionality and elegance.

Double Deep Wood Case with Table Top & Large Format Storage

AboAtlantic Beach Custom Cellarut half of this collection was to be kept in either wood crates or cardboard cases. So we implemented a double deep wood case base with a solid table top throughout the cellar effectively created a tasting area and/or workspace no matter where you are in the cellar. For those large format bottles we thought the end cap closest to the cellar door was the best place to feature those standout selections.

Ducted Cooling System

Atlantic Beach Custom CellarFor cooling, a ducted Wine Guardian unit was mounted in a neighboring boiler room with ductwork running through the ceiling joists and in through the ceiling mounted vents. Not only is it able to maintain the ideal cellar environment, but with a remote location it leaves more room for racking in the cellar.

With various wood options, racking component selections, cooling scenarios, and of course those personal décor touches, creating a wine cellar is truly an artistic expression of each individual collector. This is a fantastic example of what can be done in creating a custom wine cellar with ideal storage climate conditions…the possibilities are endless.

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