Cellar Stories: Amagansett, NY

Cellar Stories: Amagansett, NY

Custom wine cellars are a reflection not only of the particular collection an individual may have, but of their style and tastes as well. Recently, we visited one of our cellar customers out in Long Island’s Amagansett, NY to check out his recently completed creation in person.

This particular collector had some very specific, and challenging, needs in storing a variety of different size bottles. He had a number of splits (half-bottles), magnums, and other large format bottles, as well as dozens of wood cases which he wanted to feature in the cellar. However with a dual floor room configuration, we had plenty of space to get creative with his storage options. With the cooling unit already in place and the ducts well hidden in the soffits, we had an open canvas to design the cellar of his dreams. The metal framework and walkway were already constructed, so it made sense to fill the lower level with EuroCave Roll Out wine racks giving all of those wood cases an easily accessible home.

Let’s Take A Video Tour of the Unique Custom Wine Cellar

Custom All Heart Redwood Racking
Custom Cellar, Amagansett, NY

On the upper level of the cellar we used traditional custom racking and selected natural All Heart Redwood. Redwood holds up wonderfully to the cool and moist conditions of the ideal cellar climate, and will actually grow darker and richer over time. Here we accommodated all of those various bottle sizes and lined the cellar with a high reveal display row, even within the curved corners, to help accentuate the best bottles in his collection.

LED Lighting
LED lighting in Amagansett custom cellar

The LED lighting hidden behind this display row really gives the racking a showcase feel, and because they emit almost no heat, they in no way affect the wine or the cellar conditions.

Diamond Bins & Vertical Display
Diamond Bins & Vertical Display custom cellar Amagansett, NY

Lastly, we created a focal point combination rack with diamond bins below and vertical display above, ideal for showing off those impressive 3L and 6L collectibles. Suffice to say, the customer was more than pleased with the final result as not only his important collection aging safely and properly, but he has a wonderful new entertaining aspect within the home as well.

With various wood options, racking component selections, cooling scenarios, and of course those personal décor touches, creating a wine cellar is truly an artistic expression of each individual collector. This is a fantastic example of what can be done in creating a custom wine cellar with ideal storage climate conditions…the possibilities are endless.

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