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Winston, the endearingly drawn gent you see raising his glass, has been the Wine Enthusiast logo for nearly 30 years—and the symbol of unsurpassed expertise in wine accessories and storage.

Winston's Wisdoms Blog is the place where our experts share their knowledge and answer some of the most commonly asked wine-related questions. It's the place where you can ask questions and share insights from your own wine experience. We welcome your feedback and invite you to offer your wisdoms to wine lovers everywhere!

Wine Enthusiast Goes Pink: Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

Friday, October 10th, 2008 at 12:24:53 PM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

Pink VinturiIn support of National Breast Cancer month (October), Wine Enthusiast has an assortment of “Pink” products, of which portions of the proceeds go to cancer research, education, and/or patient support. It includes some product favorites such as the Vinturi Wine Aerator and the Rabbit Corkscrew, in fashionable pink. Purchase any of these accessories and anywhere from 5-15% of the total will go to the cause. There’s no better time to accessorize your wine lifestyle, and feel good doing it!

Wine Enthusiast Breast Cancer Walk

I’m also looking forward to our annual Breast Cancer Walk, which takes place in Purchase, NY on October 19th. It’s always a lovely time when the company gets together on a beautiful day for some exercise and charity. Here’s a shot of some of us, on the right. If you’re interested in donating to this great cause, check out our team’s page here. We welcome all donations!

Designing a Wine Cellar: The Pinnacle of Customization

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008 at 5:05:27 PM
by David M., Wine Enthusiast Companies


As a Wine Cellar Design Specialist, I’m often asked: “where do you start?” The task of planning and building a wine cellar can sound difficult, but we do our best to make the process simple. Of the utmost importance is of course a customer’s satisfaction with the end result. One of my recent clients, the Santos family, was so happy that they sent photos of our design work. The key is open communication and listening to your customers needs.  Before doing anything, we discussed their wine cellar dreams, so that I could tailor the cellar to meet them.

5 Golden Rules of Bringing Your Own (Wine)

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008 at 12:38:42 PM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

Leather CarrierIf you have a special bottle of wine at home, you may be surprised how many restaurants have policies that allow you to bring it with you when you visit. Restaurants often markup wines at over 200% of their retail cost, so it’s tempting to select a bottle from your cellar and bring your own, rather than pay the markup. There is no need to fret or be ashamed, as long as you follow the golden rules:

5) Call the restaurant first, and ask what their “corkage policy” is. Policies change frequently so it’s always safe to ask.

4) Ask how much the corkage fee is in advance, so you are prepared. Restaurants may charge anywhere from $15-$50 per bottle, depending on the price of the wines on their list. It is rare for a restaurant to allow you to bring wine without charging a corkage fee, though some do.

Be sure that the wine you’re bringing isn’t on their list. It’s considered in poor taste to bring a wine that the restaurant offers.

2) Carry your wine in a fashionable wine bag.  We offer everything from handy Neoprene wine bags to leather shoulder carriers, so that you can “bring your own” in style. Neoprene Wine BagWe even offer wine bags that hold stemware for you, if you are concerned about the restaurants’ selection.

1) When you are seated at the table, let the waiter know that you’ve brought your own wine and that you understand the policy of paying corkage for it. He’ll bring glassware and uncork the bottle for you, this is the service behind the corkage fee.

I hope that with these 5 golden rules, you’ll be comfortable bringing your own wine the next time you eat out! It’s a great way to save money, and take advantage of your collection. Do you ever bring your own wine? Leave a comment, and let us know!

Wine Service Temperatures: How to Ensure Your Wine Is at Its Best

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 at 11:26:19 AM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

Though wine storage temperatures (53-57°F) are important, it’s just as important to take note of the temperature at which you enjoy your wine, its service temperature. Too often people drink white wines too cold and red wines too warm, limiting the wine’s capacity for enjoyment. A white that is too cold will be flavorless and a red that’s too warm is often quite flabby and alcoholic. You may be aware that reds are sipped at a warmer temperature than whites, but do you know exactly what temperature that is?

Products Designed by Wine Enthusiast for Wine Lovers

Thursday, September 4th, 2008 at 5:04:18 PM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

Here at Wine Enthusiast, we not only sell top-of-the-line wine accessories sourced from all over the world, we also create our own. We have a line of Wine Enthusiast branded products, developed and designed by us, with over 30 years of wine expertise behind them. These products are not only innovative and elegant, they offer unparalled value.

Where’s John and Wine Enthusiast’s Wine Cellar RV?

Monday, August 25th, 2008 at 11:34:56 AM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

When we last left you, our Master Wine Cellar Builder, John was cruising the west coast, making wine cellar dreams come true in Riverside and San Francisco, California. Now he’s back East, making stops everywhere from Livingston, New Jersey to Tallahassee, Florida. Here is the latest schedule, hot off the presses. If you’d like to catch him in your neighborhood, fill out our Design Consultation Form or call us today at 800.377.3330.

August 25th: Livingston, New Jersey
August 27th : Traveling towards Tallahassee Florida by way of Washington D.C, Raleigh North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia
Sept 2nd : Tallahassee Florida
Sept 8th : Lake Wylie, South Carolina
Sept 15th: Sag Harbor, N.Y
Sept 22nd: New Wine Enthusiast Mt. Kisco Office

Now for fun, can you guess where John was when this photo was taken?

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cellar RV Airplane

Decanter Cleaning Made Easy

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 at 4:50:42 PM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

Massimo RoosterSo you’re ready to take your wine enjoyment to the next level and experience all of the benefits of decanting like a more full aromatic bouquet and a softer glass of wine. You’ve seen many elegant decanters in all shapes and sizes like the Riedel Amadeo and even wild Massimo Lunardon animal decanters. As beautiful as these are, you may be wondering: “How in the heck do I clean one of those?
Luckily we offer a wide variety of cleaning accessories that are catered to specific decanter shapes. We have long cleaning brushes and beads that soak up red wine from the deepest decanter crevices and drying stands that prevent water spots. Here’s how they work:

The EuroCave SoWine Home Wine Bar

Friday, August 1st, 2008 at 10:46:04 AM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

Our most exciting new product introduction so far this year has been the new SoWine Home Wine Bar from EuroCave. The makers of the world’s finest wine cellars now bring you the pinnacle of wine preservation! SoWine Chills and preserves opened wine for up to 10 days! Just place an uncorked bottle inside, close the door, slide EuroCave’s patented vacuum cylinder over the bottle neck, and set the desired temperature. No stoppers, pumps, or gases required. The EuroCave SoWine Home Wine Bar is all you need!

Don’t believe us? SoWine’s been reviewed by Gizmodo (“Represents a significant improvement” in wine preservation) and C|net (“The SoWine Bar from EuroCave solves the dilemma…red wine or white, don’t hesitate to open both”). And we expect more to come as we enter the holiday gifting season.

Wine Enthusiast literally cannot keep these on our warehouse shelves, they fly out of here as fast as they arrive. SoWine is sure to be THE hot product for all wine lovers this Holiday season. But what are you waiting for, pick one up between now and August 11th and we’ll ship it free.

Watch our video demo and see how this amazing new product works:

YouTube Preview Image

EuroCave Wine Cellars: The Difference Between Comfort and Performance

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008 at 4:28:13 PM
by Marshall T., Wine Enthusiast Companies

Eurocave PerformanceWhen it comes to the world of free-standing wine cellars, chances are you will find that most people agree on one thing…EuroCave is King. There are many reasons why their product is trusted by millions of wine lovers over the years to house their prized collections, some collections worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The answer is simple, they are the best at protecting your wines, allowing them to age gracefully.

Here’s why:

• Climate control: both temperature and humidity, is far superior to any other free-standing wine cellar made.
• They’re quiet, vibration free
• They block out all harmful light, and
• They last two to three times longer than most other units!

If you are looking for a 200+ bottle free-standing unit, EuroCave has two distinct lines.

So, a question I am asked quite often is, “What is the difference between Comfort and Performance?” Allow me to shed some light on that comparison.

Get Started Decanting with the Vinturi Wine Aerator

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008 at 11:48:53 AM
by Jacqueline S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

Vinturi Wine AeratorThough the benefits of decanting are immeasurable, some people hesitate to invest in a decanter. Do I really need it? Does it make much of a difference? You may wonder. You may already be aware of the benefits of decanting including softer tannins, a broader bouquet, or sediment removal. But maybe you’d like to see for yourself?

Our new Vinturi Wine Aerator is a great way to discover the use of aeration before purchasing a decanter. This fun, new contraption is simply used by holding it over a glass and pouring your wine through. It quickly aerates and opens up the wine while making a fun little gurgling noise that is quite satisfying. It also won’t break the bank at $39.95. Such a great find is a wonderful way to begin experiencing your favorite reds anew and even discovering wines you thought were too aggressive until they met the Vinturi.

Although the Vinturi is a great tool, it doesn’t replace the benefits of having a beautiful decanter to aerate a full bottle of wine. It is however, a great first step towards understanding and enjoying the method of aerating wine before purchasing a decanter. Looking for new ways to understand and experiment with wine is the best way to really appreciate it to its fullest. The Vinturi is one of my favorites products and is a fun addition to any wine bar.