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Preserving Wine Labels: How Do You Do It?

Thursday, March 5th, 2009 at 12:02:36 PM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies


Serious Grape: Preserving Your Wine

Recalling a wine label can bring back wonderful memories, not just of the wine itself, but of the moment, the special place, and the people with whom the wine was shared. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have photographic memories so we often forget the image of a label only minutes after the we’re done with our wine.

I read a lovely piece on Serious Grape, in which the author shared her joy in receiving a gift from a relative, it was a a wine book of labels and notes of wines she drank in the 1970s. Flipping through the pages she relived her family’s wine experiences, through labels pasted on notebook paper with handwritten notes beside many.

Customers often ask us how to remove and preserve wine labels as a keepsake.  I’ve heard of some very creative methods:

  • soaking bottles in hot water and then peeling the label off
  • the oven method, in which you place an empty bottle in a hot oven, remove carefully with oven mits, and then peel the label off.
  • applying packaging tape to the label and then peeling it off
  • using a hairdryer to dry the glue from the back of the label and then removing the labelWine Enthusiast Label SaverThese methods may work, but to me they sound like a hassle compared to using our easy label savers, which remove and laminate labels in a pinch. No heat, soaking, or tape required! They work by separating the adhesive back from the front-printed surface of the label. They come in sets of 10.

Confused about how they work? We explain in this brief video tutorial.

YouTube Preview Image

How do you preserve your labels? What do you do with them afterwards?