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Meet Our Wine Storage Consultants: John Tucci

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 at 1:28:15 PM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

This week in the “Meet Our Wine Storage Consultants” series, we meet John Tucci. John has been with the Wine Enthusiast for 6 years. Perhaps his love of  home improvement projects and carpentry led him to start building magnificent wine cellars for our customers! In addition, he loves attending sporting events and spending time with his family.

What was your “Epiphany” wine?
1999 Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley.  I had the chance to enjoy this fantastic Cabernet Sauvignon with family on a special occasion several years ago.  I immediately purchased a bottle to cellar for a future special occasion. Can’t wait!

What is the most memorable Wine Cellar you have built?
I had the unique opportunity to design a custom wine cellar for a former local professional hockey player.  I was very excited to not only meet, but exceed the customer’s high expectations in achieving a magnificent custom wine cellar. Needless to say, it came out unbelievably!

What is your favorite Wine Storage Product and why?
Eurocave Wine cellars, they are about as reliable as you can get!

How do you store your wine?
I store my wine in a Eurocave Compact version. Although I wish I had the space to design my own wine cellar, I do not. So, the next best thing is to keep my wine in a Eurocave that combines the perfect balance between temperature and humidity.

If you had to give 1 wine storage tip, what would it be?
Try to always store your wine in an environment that combines a constant temperature with humidity.Cellar Recently Built by John
A constant temperature is the most important factor when storing wine.  The ideal temperature to store wine is approximately 55 degrees. Humidity is also very important when storing your wine. The ideal relative humidity for storing wine is approximately 60-70 percent. Humidity is crucial to keeping your corks moist and preventing them from drying out.

What have you drank lately that wowed you?
Recently, I enjoyed a bottle of 2000 Chateau Haut Marbuzet, St. Estephe.  This full deep red Bordeaux was amazing and certainly worth a try, especially with a nice cut of beef!

Meet Our Wine Storage Consultants: Lou Ann Hesch

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 at 10:31:35 AM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

Last week we introduced you to Marshall Tilden, one of our expert Wine Storage Consultants who doubles as a Sales Manager here at Wine Enthusiast. This week meet Lou Ann Hesch who has been building beautiful wine cellars and helping customers here for 15 years! Lou Ann grew up in a very Sicilian family and developed a love for “the fruit of the vine” by selling tomatoes by the pound as a kid. She also enjoyed visiting her Grandfather’s grapevines.

What was your “Epiphany” wine? 
Historically my frame of reference has been homemade Italian red wine. Shortly after joining the Wine Enthusiast, I had the pleasure of joining our team at a famous New York steakhouse for dinner and a bottle of PETRUS was opened and I was mesmerized!

What is the most memorable Wine Cellar you have built?
I built a 1,300-bottle wine cellar complete with racking, artwork, custom doors and cooling. I was elated when I heard these words from the happy owner: “It exceeded all of my expectations, and I can’t help but smile each time I enter the room.”

What is your favorite Wine Storage Product and why?
Of course I love custom racking! The building environment for wine excites me! I especially enjoy creating a cellar that reflects the homeowner’s style and taste.

How do you store your wine?
My Eurocave is 12 years old and in mint condition. I am so proud to sell our products and I am reminded of this each and every time I walk up to my unit.

If you had to give 1 wine storage tip, what would it be?
It will taste better if you store it right and storing it right will change your life and passion for wine.

What have you drank lately that wowed you?
I adore big reds, particularly from California, but I make it a priority to be wowed each time I drink wine !

Meet Our Wine Storage Consultants: Marshall Tilden

Thursday, January 19th, 2012 at 5:07:30 PM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

For over thirty years, we at Wine Enthusiast have been building beautiful wine cellars for our customers. From speaking with hundreds of wine lovers a day, our team has unparalleled insight into what makes customers happy. Whether you are building a 2,000 bottle custom wine cellar for your home, have a 100+ bottle collection and need a freestanding cabinet to put in your garage or have 20 bottles you are looking to properly store, our experts are here to help.  It’s time to meet our Wine Storage Consultants! Or, as our Facebook audience likes to call them, “Masters of Coolness”, “Wine Angels” and “Liquid Happiness Storage Facilitators”!

Announcing our new series: Meet our Wine Storage Consultants. First up, is Marshall Tilden. Marshall has been at Wine Enthusiast for over 6 years. You may recognize him as the star in many of our product videos. Marshall also has a great blog called Westchester Wine Guy, it’s worth a read!

What was your “Epiphany” wine?
I actually have two of them…and both were from the same vintage. The first was a 1996 Gevrey Chambertin that I had at Spark’s Steakhouse in NYC. Never had I experienced a wine with such texture and intense flavor. The other was the 1996 Jordan Alexander Valley Cab which was one of the best California wines I can remember tasting to date.

What is the most memorable Wine Cellar you have built?
It is actually a Wine Cellar that is currently under construction. It is going to be a 10,000 bottle cellar for the new R’evolution Restaurant located in the Royal Sonesta Hotel in the heart of New Orleans. This is Rick Tramonto’s latest venture and the cellar should be nothing short of spectacular.

What is your favorite Wine Storage Product and why?
As I think you will find this same answer from most of our Wine Storage Consultants, it would have to be the EuroCave line of Wine Cellars. Quite simply they provide the best storage climate for properly aging your wines when considering all the enemies of wine (temperature fluctuation, humidity, light and vibration). They are also super quiet and last forever, plus the flexible shelving system allows you to store any size bottle…literally!

How do you store your wine?
EuroCave Performance 283…I have about 180-200 bottles including a 6 Liter of ’04 Chateau Tabolt and a 3 Liter of ’04 Oracle’s Miner.

If you had to give 1 wine storage tip, what would it be?
Not all wine is meant for aging. So make sure you do your research and drink your young wines early and give only those better bottles the time they need to fully evolve.

What have you drank lately that wowed you?
My latest obsession is the 2007 Donnachiara Taurasi DOCG. I am totally amazed by the complexity and versatility of the Aglianico grape. I also thought the 2008 Rodney Strong Alexander Valley Cab was possibly the best value of the vintage.

Follow Marshall on Twitter @WE_Marshall !

Why Your ‘Cool’ Basement May Not Be Safe For Your Wine

Thursday, October 28th, 2010 at 5:05:11 PM
by Marshall T., Wine Enthusiast Companies

The aging process of wine can be a tricky concept to fully grasp, as wine itself is quite tempermental by nature. Wine has a handful of true enemies that can hinder its evolution into its greatest potential. Some of those enemies that will have the most adverse affect have to do with temperature range and consistency, humidity range and consistency, light, vibration and air cleanliness.

Proper storage temperature for all wine (red, white, champagne, etc) is between 53-57 degrees. Quite often people will ask if keeping wine at 60 degrees is bad for the wine, as their basement typically stays around that temperature. The answer is… it may be. At 60 degrees, the aging process is expedited. So a wine that should reach its peak in 8-10 at proper storage temperature may get there in 3-6 at 60 degrees. But more importantly is the CONSISTENCY of that 60 degrees in your basement.

While many basements may stay at 60 degrees for part of the year, it is very rare that the temperature stays consistently the same year round. So even a fluctuation from 58-70 from the coldest part of the year to warmest can be very harmful and is really what can ruin the wines over just a few years if it is not monitored properly. The same holds true for the humidity. While most basements may hold between 55-75% for part of the year, it is the times where it falls below or rises above those levels that the corks can either dry out or get over soaked and wreak havoc on your beloved wines.

Minimal light and zero vibration play very important roles in storage, however those are two variables that are fairly easy to control in your basement environment if everything else is optimal. But many people forget about the smells and odors that are inherent in their homes because we live with them everyday. Any kind of non neutral odor that passes through the cork and into the wine can interfere with the aromas and flavors that are evolving in your wines. This is the same reason we do not recommend using pine or cedar for wine cellar racks, as the aromatics can ruin an entire cellar filled with your prized collection.

So if you are lucky enough to live in a house that has an area that CONSISTENTLY stays between 53-57 degrees, 55-75% relative humidity, has little light, no vibration and no harmful odors….Congratulations! You have a natural wine cellar and you should load it up with as much great wine as possible, and maybe even charge your friends to store their wine in there as well. But if you are in the majority and have conditions that fluctuate on a yearly basis from these levels, then you may want to look into investing in a temperature controlled wine cellar or refrigerator. If you are not sure, place a temperature and humidity gauge in that area and take some readings as the seasons change. This way you can be sure that one way or another your wine is fully protected and ages exactly how it was intended.

Choosing a Wine Cellar Contractor: 10 Questions to Ask

Monday, April 19th, 2010 at 4:09:51 PM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cellar Design

After you’ve spent time working with one of our Wine Storage Consultants to design the perfect wine cellar for your space, the next step is to choose a suitable contractor to handle the job. It is important to find someone who has ample expertise in building wine cellars. Here is a list of questions, courtesy of John Seitz, our Master Cellar Builder, which serves as a great road map on your journey:

1. How many climate controlled wine rooms have you built and can I talk to some of your clients?
You want someone that has experience with the issues involved with a climate controlled room. It is one thing to build a deck or remodel a kitchen, but another to correctly build a climate-controlled room.

2. What materials will you use for the vapor & moisture barriers? How will you install this material?
The product used to create these very important barriers is just as important as the installation. The right products installed incorrectly are just as bad for you as the wrong products.

3. Do you know why the barriers are required and what happens if they are not installed correctly?
This question may be a stretch for your average contractor but one never knows. If he/she does know the reasons behind the barriers, then they probably know how to do the work correctly.

4. Does the refrigeration equipment that you are installing make noise and does it exhaust hot air?
Most of the self-contained units are noisy and exhaust hot air. It is not a good sign if your person does not know this or tries to convince you that they do not.

5. What is the process for repairing the refrigeration equipment if it fails?
You do not want equipment that has to be returned to the manufacturer for service. This is a huge hassle and could leave you with no refrigeration in your wine room for weeks.

6. Does your refrigeration equipment increase the humidity in the room without any additional equipment?
This is a tricky question and will really show if your guy knows anything about the equipment and climate-controlled rooms. Most refrigeration does not increase humidity unless you add a humidifier.

7. Does your insurance cover the repairs if mold develops?
Mold will develop if the wine room is not constructed correctly. Your contractor should have insurance that will cover the cost of the repair if the room develops mold.

8. Are you building the racks yourself or buying kits?
How the racks are built is up to you. The idea behind the question is to make sure that there are no surprises.

9. What kind of door are you installing?
The door needs to be exterior grade with weather stripping and a threshold. If your guy does not know this, beware.

10. How much does a bottle of wine weigh?
This might be another trick question but think about it. You are asking them to build a room designed specifically to hold one thing – wine bottles. Is it too much to ask that they know some basic details? Additionally, they might not build the racks correctly if they do not know the weight of the bottles.

The specific answers to these questions are important but so is the contractors’ response. If they get defensive and shifty with their answers, beware. On the other hand, it is not necessarily a bad thing if they admit to some lack of knowledge.

For more advice on building your cellar, complete this form or call one of our wine storage consultants at 800.377.3330


Wine Enthusiast Wine Cellar Design: An Overflowing Collection Finds a Home

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 at 12:52:43 PM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

The latest in our Wine Cellar Design stories takes us to Yorktown Heights, New York. This customer has an extensive collection that he was storing in 5 Eurocaves! He needed a larger space to accommodate an ever-growing collection.   He contacted David Moseler on our team, who was able to create a fantastic design, from this empty space.

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cellar Design: Before

Cellar Before

Here is David’s story:

As we were determining an ideal space to create a cellar, we decided on a multi-level  storage area that was detached from the home. We needed to bring a contractor in to build out the space to ensure that proper temperature and humidity could be maintained. In terms of racking, we created customized wood cases to hold loose 6 packs or full cases. We created a waterfall with led lights on both sides to maximize bottle capacity in the center of  the room. We added a custom cooling system with a separate heater along with humidification to ensure that the room would not vary in temperature from season to season.

Cellar After

Our customer, Glen, was ecstatic with the results, and had this to say:

I wanted to again thank you for everything that you did in designing and delivering my custom cellar.

After working with you for 5 years now, your customer service had more than earned my loyalty, and the Wine Enthusiast became the only place that I buy all of my wine accessories and my Eurocave units.

Looking at the displays in your showroom and the samples that David showed me, I became very excited about the possibility of my own cellar. The Wine Enthusiast more than exceeded my expectations and I’m over the moon with the result.

From Alan’s recommendation of the contractor, to David’s fantastic designs, to the quality of the wood from your mill to the installation by Larry, everything was excellent. In particular the extra details that David designed and brought everything together are really amazing.

Please let me know if I can help in any way acting as references for potential customers that are interested in their own cellar. I’m happy to do whatever I can to repay you for the outstanding job”

We love hearing feedback from these happy Wine Cellar Design customers!

If you are interested in building a cellar like this or of a different style, simply call us at 800.377.3330 and one of our wine storage consultants will be happy to help!

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cellar Design: A Transformed Basement with Designer Kit Racking

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 at 8:21:19 AM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

Continuing with our Wine Enthusiast Wine Cellar Design Series, in which we feature real photos of our custom cellars, we travel to a transformed basement in Newton Square, PA.

Our customer, Neal, took advantage of our Designer Series Kits, giving his cellar a personal touch with the efficiency of kit racking.

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cellar Design

Neal had this to say about his new cellar:

“My basement has changed since installing the wine cellar.  It has gone from a place of storage to an oasis of tranquility you enter to get away from the crap stored in a basement.  The terra cotta colors matching the tiles of the floor give a clean yet rustic look.  the racking makes it fun to work on filling it with frequent runs to the wine store or vineyards.  Organizing it is a joy also,  with its various compartments for cases or single slots for more individual bottle purchases.”

If you are interested in building a cellar like this or of a different style, simply call us at 800.377.3330 and one of our wine storage consultants will be happy to help!

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cellar Design: Vintage View

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009 at 2:43:58 PM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

This post launches an exciting new series here on Winston’s Wisdoms, “Wine Enthusiast Wine Cellar Design” in which we will feature real photos of our custom cellar designs, put to use! Today’s featured cellar is a Vintage View cellar utilized by one of our clients, Custom Millcraft at Ocean Prime restaurant in Orlando, Florida.

Vintage View

The vintage view style makes the labels easily readable and creates a gorgeous display. If you are interested in building a cellar like this or of a different style, simply call us at 800.377.3330 and one of our wine storage consultants will be happy to help!