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A Quick Primer on Port and Port Accessories

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008 at 2:09:16 PM
by Josh F., Wine Enthusiast Companies

After Bordeaux, Port may be the most famous wine in the world. Everyone’s heard of it and millions have enjoyed it. But how much do you really know about Port?

Port SipperHere’s a quick rundown of the ins and outs of this popular sweet sensation. Yes, Port is a sweet wine and the real thing comes from Portugal, although so-called “Port” is made in many regions around the world. Port is a fortified wine, because to make it, alcohol (brandy) is added to the fermenting vats. This interrupts the fermentation because the high alcohol level kills off the yeasts. Thus, a high quantity of grape sugar remains in the wine. There are several types of Port, each with its own distinct character and proper method of handling.