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Meet Our Wine Storage Consultants: Dino Sapienza

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012 at 10:31:11 AM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

Today in the “Meet Our Wine Storage Consultants” series, we introduce Dino Sapienza. He has been at Wine Enthusiast for 6 years, helping customers build beautiful wine cellars in their homes. Dino is proud to tell us about his new home which included a built-in cabinet with capacity for 200 bottles. One might think that would be enough, but not for a Wine Enthusiast staff member! He instantly upgraded to a larger cellar and is already nearing the new capacity. Since taking our Summer wine class series and continuing to develop his love of wine, his collection just keeps growing!

What was your “Epiphany” wine? (Wine that first got you into wine)
The first wine that opened my palate was Ernest & Julio Gallo’s Deep Red Wine right from the “big jug” at Sunday dinners. Back in the 80′s the strong robust flavor and the way it seemed to go with any Sunday meal made it the perfect start.

What is the most memorable Wine Cellar you have built?
I designed a glass-enclosed room for a local restaurant in all Vintage View racking.  The client was looking to create a focal point behind his reception area. With the floor-to-ceiling Vintage View Racks we were able to provide around 400-bottle capacity in a small area that was illuminated. It created quite the talking point for patrons as they awaited their dinning experience.

What is your favorite Wine Storage Product and why?
I like the features and trust the long term storage of the Eurocave Comfort. Its ease of use, bottle capacity and its flexibility in storing all formatted bottles is what makes it the perfect fit for your wines.

How do you store your wine?
I maintain all my wines my EuroCave Performance 59 that is built-in right into my existing kitchen cabinetry. This wine cellar provides easy access while entertaining and provides the proper storage of all my new and old wines.

If you had to give 1 wine storage tip, what would it be?
Regardless of where you are storing wines, always keep in mind that a constant temperature, low light, minimal vibration and avoiding any fluctuation is what will mature your wines properly.
What have you drank lately that wowed you?
Recently I enjoy the Mediterra 2009  Poggio al Tesoro. This fine wine drank as well as a much more expensive Super Tuscan. The pairings with pasta and cheese made it a memorable night of entertaining.


Any questions for Dino on wine storage? Simply comment below!

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3 Responses to “Meet Our Wine Storage Consultants: Dino Sapienza”

  1. Hi,

    I recently enjoyed a bottle of 1998 Chateau Faugeres until the last pour.
    In the glass came chunks of green glass, same as the bottle color though this bottle
    was completely intact, not broken anywhere.
    Ever have this happen? I wrote to Chateau Faugeres about it and
    disappointingly they never responded. I have 12 of their
    2005 in my cellar and sure hope they are all glass free.
    I appreciate any words of wisdom on why this may have happened. I suspect in the bottling process?


  2. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for your question! I must say, this is quite concerning as consuming glass would be very dangerous. I would recommend that when you open your next bottle you decant it very carefully or use a funnel with a filter to be certain that no glass is poured out. This has never happened to me personally but anything is possible!


  3. Great advice! I would also add that bottles should always be stored horizontally :)

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