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Meet Our Wine Storage Consultants: John Tucci

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 at 1:28:15 PM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

This week in the “Meet Our Wine Storage Consultants” series, we meet John Tucci. John has been with the Wine Enthusiast for 6 years. Perhaps his love of  home improvement projects and carpentry led him to start building magnificent wine cellars for our customers! In addition, he loves attending sporting events and spending time with his family.

What was your “Epiphany” wine?
1999 Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley.  I had the chance to enjoy this fantastic Cabernet Sauvignon with family on a special occasion several years ago.  I immediately purchased a bottle to cellar for a future special occasion. Can’t wait!

What is the most memorable Wine Cellar you have built?
I had the unique opportunity to design a custom wine cellar for a former local professional hockey player.  I was very excited to not only meet, but exceed the customer’s high expectations in achieving a magnificent custom wine cellar. Needless to say, it came out unbelievably!

What is your favorite Wine Storage Product and why?
Eurocave Wine cellars, they are about as reliable as you can get!

How do you store your wine?
I store my wine in a Eurocave Compact version. Although I wish I had the space to design my own wine cellar, I do not. So, the next best thing is to keep my wine in a Eurocave that combines the perfect balance between temperature and humidity.

If you had to give 1 wine storage tip, what would it be?
Try to always store your wine in an environment that combines a constant temperature with humidity.Cellar Recently Built by John
A constant temperature is the most important factor when storing wine.  The ideal temperature to store wine is approximately 55 degrees. Humidity is also very important when storing your wine. The ideal relative humidity for storing wine is approximately 60-70 percent. Humidity is crucial to keeping your corks moist and preventing them from drying out.

What have you drank lately that wowed you?
Recently, I enjoyed a bottle of 2000 Chateau Haut Marbuzet, St. Estephe.  This full deep red Bordeaux was amazing and certainly worth a try, especially with a nice cut of beef!

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One Response to “Meet Our Wine Storage Consultants: John Tucci”

  1. Very good interview, i can tell how much John Tucci is very knowledgeable about wines and wine storage. Thank you for sharing that knowledge to novice like me

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