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Top 10 Necessary Accessories For the Big Game

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 at 5:13:09 PM
by Marshall T., Wine Enthusiast Companies

This Sunday is notorious for being the biggest party day and hedonistic gorgefest of the year. With the big game imminent it’s time to start thinking  about what you’ll need on hand for all the football fans that are about to invade your home. We have compiled a list of the essentials necessary to make your party the best on the block! The only downside may be that after its great success, you may unwillingly be labeled as the pinnacle of all football party hosts. So if you are able to handle that responsibility, we present you with the Top 10 Necessary Accessories for your SB Party!

10. Microbrew Peanut Brittle – This salty sweet treat is perfect for beer , wine and football fans alike. It was crafted in the heart of California wine country and made with a hint of hops. Beer and peanut butter all in one delicious mouthful… who wouldn’t love that?!

9. Wine Cork Cheese Spreaders – Whether cheddar, blue or mozzarella are on the menu, these spreaders are perfect for your game day appetizer cheese platter.

8. Wine Chicken Cooker – It’s as easy to use as it is attractive and will cook one of the best birds you have ever tasted!

7. Vintage Oak Party Chiller – The best way we know to keep all your white wine, champagne, beer, soda and water cold and ready to serve a big party.

6. Wine Glass Writer Metallic Pen – The ideal tool to make sure no one snags your glass of vino!

5. Silent 28 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Cellar – To ensure all your wines are being properly stored prior to the game, as none of your guests are going to want to drink warm wine.

4. Spiegelau Classic Beer Glasses – Choose from the Pilsner, Lager or Wheat style depending on what kind of brew you are serving for the game.

3. Giant Red Wine Stem Cooler – Because it’s… GIANT!!!

2. Stainless Steel Champagne Bucket – The perfect vessel to chill down the bubbly for the post game victory celebration!

And the #1 absolute necessity for your Football Fiesta……

1. Wine B’gone – Quickly fix any couch or carpet casualties with our handy wine stain remover. It’s a long game and let’s be honest…your guests are going to spill some wine!

Of course we can’t forget that even with the necessary accessories, you still need something to drink. So as a special bonus  from our wine shop partner:

The Top 5 Gridiron Selections

5. Enamore 2009 Mendoza, Allegrini & Renacer – Both Amarone and Malbec fans will go nuts for this joint effort. A big wine on all fronts!

4. Archstone 2008 Chardonnay, Napa Valley – For under $15 it’s tough to find a better Napa Chard that will pair up with all those spicy and greasy finger foods.

3. Seghesio 2010 Zinfandel, Sonoma County – A consistent 90 Pt + Zin, this is a perfect match for those hot Buffalo wings or BBQ spare ribs.

2. Moonlighters 2007 Red Blend, South Australia, Red Heads Studio -  This innovative Cabernet blend is a tremendous value and will pair with everything from cocktail weenies to  Filet Mignon.

And the #1 Wine for this year’s Gridiron Gathering is…

1. Silver Oak 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley – Because YOU will be the MVP at the end of the game for serving this iconic Napa Cab.

Tell us what you plan to serve on Sunday! And what are your necessary accessories for the big game?

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