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In The Aerator Age, Do You Need a Decanter?

Monday, April 25th, 2011 at 12:37:55 PM
by Marshall T., Wine Enthusiast Companies

With all of these new wine aerator options do I still need my trusty old decanter?

Like it or not, The Aerator Age is upon us and it looks like it is here to stay. While the traditionalists may be inclined toNuancePour fight this trend, there are some valid reasons why this new technology has become all the rage.

Aerators tend to open up wine faster than decanting, and if you are only going to have a glass or two you don’t have to decant the entire bottle. So it brings about the question, do I even need my decanter any longer?

The answer is… it depends. Products such as the Vinturi Wine Aerator, Nuance Wine Finer and the Rabbit Wine Aerator have revolutionized wine service. These devices create so much aeration for wine in such a small amount of time that it allows all the bouquet and flavors to come to life within seconds. Because they are either hand-held or fit in right in the neck of the bottle, they are extremely easy to use especially for single glass service. For this reason, you will now find one of these aerators in most tasting rooms. Wineries want you to get the full sensory experience of their top tier offerings, especially since young wines that are big and tannic benefit most from this method.

Fusion Decanter PouringThat being said, not everyone wants to speed up this process. There is certainly something almost sacred about slowly pouring a bottle into a beautifully crafted crystal wine decanter while holding a candle to it in order to check for sediment, particularly in those older wines that may be a bit more delicate. Better quality wines will also constantly change while in the decanter, an effect you lose when utilizing the ultra fast aerators. It can be quite revealing to smell and taste the wine at different points while it is opening up, as the aromas and flavors can grow deeper and more complex.

So if you are a bit impatient and find the prolonged wait time of decanting just a nuisance, or you like to enjoy your wine one glass at a time, then you are ready for all that The Aerator Age has to offer. But if you are from the school of thought that good things come to those who wait, and believe the process of decanting enhances the entire wine experience, then keep on decanting!

But don’t forget, there is no reason you can’t utilize both options and pour the wine through the aerator into the decanter. This can result in optimal pleasure for those really young, or older, wines that need an enormous exposure to air to exhibit all they have to offer.

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8 Responses to “In The Aerator Age, Do You Need a Decanter?”

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  3. 3 David Moseler said:

    After work and looking to have a glass or two, I go right to my aerator. Weekends or meals that have taken a bit more preparation, there is nothing better than a Riedel Amadeo Lyra decanter sitting on my counter!

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  5. Good stuff Marshall!

    I’ve been thinking about this myself lately. Like you say it depends on the occasion and situation.

    One situation I’ve found particularly tricky is when you’ve got multiple bottles open — say for a holiday or comparative tasting. Aerators that fit on the bottle can be a little tedious to take on and off each bottle if you only have one. And I don’t have time or enough decanters for multiple bottles.

    For situations like this I’ve found the Menu Wine Breather Carafe ( ) to be a handy tool because you can quickly double decant each bottle in a short amount of time. Plus – if a bottle is particularly tight and needs aggressive aeration you can pour it in and out of the carafe a few times.

    It’s kind of a hybrid device – I think it works pretty well!


  6. Thanks for the comment Robert! I couldn’t agree more about that Menu Wine Breather Carafe. On top of allowing you to “super” aerate an entire bottle in a short amount of time… it looks really cool when you do it!! Thanks for the input and if you wanted to help some of our other customers know how much you enjoy that product you can always leave a customer review. Really enjoy your blog as well.


  7. That’s exactly what I thought, this is why I use both for certain wines!

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