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Archive for September, 2009

10 Top Picks for Your Hallo-Wine Party

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009 at 1:04:20 PM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

Halloween is creeping up soon and we want you to be armed with the proper tools for a Happy Hallo-Wine! Great costumes mixed with even better wine are the perfect recipe for a Halloween party. But you also need party accessories to complement the theme and add some scary fun!  If you’re planning a Halloween party this year, choose from our top party accessory picks below, or view the full collection here!
Halloween U Etched Tumbler from Wine Enthusiast

1) Halloween ‘U’ Etched Tumbler Collection (Set of 6, Save 8%!)
Bats, Spiders and a Witch serve your Halloween libations in style, while you save!

Bobbling Skulls Bottle Stopper from Wine Enthusiast

2) Bobbling Skull Bottle Stoppers (Set of 3)
You won’t be scared to open wine aplenty with these three  creepy skulls that keep your bottles fresh. A customer favorite!

Ghost Lazy Susan from Wine Enthusiast

3) Ghosts for Goodies Lazy Susan (5 piece set)
Let these spooky ghosts serve your snacks on a handy lazy susan.

Partying is in My Blood Halloween Applique Flag from Wine Enthusiast

4) ‘Partying is in my Blood’ Applique Flag
Attract additional revelers with this spirited flag on your porch or hang inside the house to get guests in the mood to party!

Skull and Crossbones Halloween Candle from Wine Enthusiast

5) Skull and Crossbones Candle Holders and Candles (4 piece set)
Cast a chilling glow with these elegant skull candle holders and candles. New!

Wine O Clock Halloween Witch Sign from Wine Enthusiast

6) Wine O’Clock Witch Sign
This bright, hand-painted sign will alert the party when it’s wine time! Wine and scary fun is a perfect pairing.
Halloween Wine Glass Charms from Wine Enthusiast

7) Halloween Wine Glass Charms (Set of 6, On Sale!)
Party guests can keep track of their glass with witches, bats, mummies and more. These festive charms clasp to the bottom of each stem, adding a quirky decoration!
Spider Wine Glass from Wine Enthusiast

8) Spider Wine Glass
A handmade goblet with a creepy crawler on the side, holds 9 oz. of wine or witch’s brew.
Happy Hallowine Tee Shirt from Wine Enthusiast

9) ‘Happy Hallowine’ Women’s Shirt
Dress smart and spirited in this 3/4 sleeve shirt. Show friends your appreciation for both wine and Halloween!

Decorative Halloween Kitchen Towel from Wine Enthusiast

10) Decorative Halloween Kitchen Towels (set of  3)
Cleanup is scary simple with these festive kitchen towels, sure to keep your guests in stitches. A customer favorite!

Tell us what you have in store for Halloween this year! It’s only a few weeks away…

Wine Wisdoms #44: The History of Hermitage

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 at 3:45:56 PM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies


Many wine lovers are familiar with Hermitage, the world-renowned wine from France’s Rhone Valley. But the origin of its name is an interesting story.

Throughout the 12th and 13th centuries, as battle raged in the Holy Land, legend has it that one Crusader, returning home to the Northern Rhone territory, threw down his armament and declared his days of battle behind him. Bearing Syrah vines, the man became a hermit and built a chapel on a hill, vowing that his vineyard would be his hermitage, and thus the venerable Hermitage wine region was founded. With just 331 acres of vineyards on the east side of the Rhone, the hilly Hermitage area towers over the riverfront town of Tain-l’Hermitage, and yields are low, making the wines very rare. Reds are made mainly from Syrah, but also Marsanne and Roussanne, and are renowned for their deep color, complex aromas and long cellaring life. Whites are harder to come by (account for about a quarter of production) and are made from Marsanne and Roussanne. They are known for being full-bodied and, likewise, have long aging potential.

As featured in the October issue of Wine Enthusiast Magazine. For more articles from the October issue visit

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cellar Design: A Transformed Basement with Designer Kit Racking

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 at 8:21:19 AM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

Continuing with our Wine Enthusiast Wine Cellar Design Series, in which we feature real photos of our custom cellars, we travel to a transformed basement in Newton Square, PA.

Our customer, Neal, took advantage of our Designer Series Kits, giving his cellar a personal touch with the efficiency of kit racking.

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cellar Design

Neal had this to say about his new cellar:

“My basement has changed since installing the wine cellar.  It has gone from a place of storage to an oasis of tranquility you enter to get away from the crap stored in a basement.  The terra cotta colors matching the tiles of the floor give a clean yet rustic look.  the racking makes it fun to work on filling it with frequent runs to the wine store or vineyards.  Organizing it is a joy also,  with its various compartments for cases or single slots for more individual bottle purchases.”

If you are interested in building a cellar like this or of a different style, simply call us at 800.377.3330 and one of our wine storage consultants will be happy to help!

Handy Tips for the Vinturi Wine Aerator

Thursday, September 17th, 2009 at 4:31:35 PM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

The Vinturi Wine Aerator is an invaluable asset for softening and enhancing the flavors of wine. Mixing just the right amount of air with your wine at the precise moments, this see-through aerator allows your reds to breathe instantly. If you own one yourself, you’re already aware of its value! Based on customer comments that we have received regarding the Vinturi Aerator, we’ve expanded our product offering with a deluxe gift set, perfect for the holiday season.

The deluxe set includes:

  • A Vinturi Red Wine Aerator
  • A Beautiful stand to hold the Vinturi above your glass
  • A drip catcher screen
  • A travel pouch

Here is how it works:YouTube Preview Image

Vinturi Red Wine Aerator Brush

Beyond the gift set we also offer a cleaning brush, designed just for the Vinturi red wine aerator. It slides easily into the Vinturi to scrub at the hard-to-reach areas, leaving a spotless aerator for the next use.

We’ve also received inquiries about using the Vinturi with an old wine that throws a sediment. A great solution to this is our aerating funnel with removable screen. Place the funnel over the Vinturi as your pour your wine. The screen in the funnel will catch all of the sediment, and you’ll have clear, perfectly aerated wine in your glass. The funnel also controls the flow of wine into the Vinturi, so you won’t have problems with overflow.

Of course, the Vinturi Red Wine Aerator works perfectly on its own, these helpful tips and tools only complement it, to make it even better!