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Wine Wisdoms #43: The Stelvin Closure

Friday, August 28th, 2009 at 2:43:48 PM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

Stelvin/Screw Cap

Stelvin is just a fancy name for a screw cap. It’s a particular brand of screw cap, made of metal, that has become almost universal. The brand name is used generically, much like “Kleenex” or “Xerox”. Screw caps have become a popular cork alternative as of late, as wineries seek to prevent the damages of cork taint. Much of the reason for using cork (aside from the romance) is to allow wine to breathe over time as it ages. Thus, wines that aren’t mean to age are fine under the Stelvin closure.

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3 Responses to “Wine Wisdoms #43: The Stelvin Closure”

  1. What would be the best way to store stelvin closures wine bottles standing up or as traditonal on the side?

  2. For the sake of consistency, you may prefer to store even a stelvin closure on its side, though it’s not required. There is no worry of the cork drying out so vertical storage is fine for a stelvin closure. It’s your preference!

  3. you make it sound like only wines consumed in 1-2 years are ok under stelvin. However, there are many producers that have been doing aging tests in their own wineries to try to get history for their own wines, with great results.. Stelvin allows “breathing” for wines also, and you do not have to worry about cork taint. Best of both worlds. Wines that are made to age will, the closure is only a small part.

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