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Multi-Temp Wine Storage For Reds & Whites: 1-Temp, 2-Temp, or 3-Temp

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009 at 3:09:03 PM
by David M., Wine Enthusiast Companies

“I’m wondering if I need to buy a Multi-Temp for my reds & whites?”2-Temp Wine Enthusiast Built-In Wine Refrigerator
This is a common question I hear from customers looking to buy a refrigerated wine cabinet. There is really no wrong answer to this, because it is all about your needs and lifestyle. For optimal aging conditions, we recommend all wines (reds, whites, champagnes and even ports) to be stored at 55 degrees. However, if you entertain a lot and prefer immediate wine service, then a multi-temp dual-zone wine cellar is a fine solution as you have compartments to instantly enjoy reds at 65 degrees and whites at 47 degrees. (Although you lose out on some of the benefits of long-term aging at these temperatures.) If you have the ability and time to take a red out, decant it and let it warm up to slightly below room temp, or you can chill a white down on ice, then a one-temp might be for you! One advantage to a single temp cabinet is that you generally can store more bottles in the unit.EuroCave Comfort 1-Temp

Most people are familiar with 1-temp or 2-temp units, Eurocave even makes a 3-temp model. The lower section houses approximately 12-18 standard size bottles, the temperature is set for white wine service. The very top of the unit has another separated compartment that houses approximately 8-12 bottles at red wine service temp, while the rest of the unit is at recommended 55 degree storage.

Of course if you have any questions or are unclear as which application would suit you the best, our Wine Enthusiast Storage Consultants are available at 800.377.3330 to make it easy for you!

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