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Caring for your EuroCave: 3 Simple Steps Towards Long-Lasting Wine Protection

Monday, April 20th, 2009 at 4:25:15 PM
by David M., Wine Enthusiast Companies

EuroCave If you are the proud owner of a EuroCave wine cellar, you already know how crucial it is to protect your wine from its enemies. Temperature and humidity fluctuations can have damaging effects on your wine collection and a EuroCave is a champion of defense against these issues. To be sure that your EuroCave unit continues to function well for years to come, follow a few simple steps:

1. Change the charcoal filters annually. This filter is located on the back wall in the interior upper left of the cabinet and regulates any dust or odor from entering the cabinet.  To replace this carbon filter, simply pop it out w/ your fingers or a butter knife and insert the new filter.  If not done routinely, frost or ice build up may occur on the back walls, along with a greater fluctuation in temperature. It is crucial to replace the filters as we don’t want to interrupt the natural occurrence inside of your Eurocave.  Eurocave charcoal filters can be purchased from Wine Enthusiast.  They are individually wrapped and have an unlimited shelf life if unopened.  I recommend purchasing a 4-pack, which essentially gives you one filter for free.

2. Dust the condenser every 6 months. The condenser is the “wire racks” located on the back of the unit.

3. If needed, you also can carry out a complete cleaning of your Eurocave Cabinet.
  If you’ve neglected to do the above steps you may need to conduct a full cleaning. Simply unload your Eurocave and use water and a gentle cleaning agent.

Any questions? Call us at 800.377.3330

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44 Responses to “Caring for your EuroCave: 3 Simple Steps Towards Long-Lasting Wine Protection”

  1. Please address the user claim on Amazon that the filters are nothing but a bag of activated charcoal and can actually be reconditioned for less than $1 each.

  2. 2 David Moseler(Wine Storage Consultant) said:

    Hi Ian. Thank you for your question. Eurocave will not warranty their cabinets with any aftermarket item as the plastic sealing the pellets would be compromised. As replacing the filter is the only annual maintenance for the unit, I’d consider this nominal compared to what is probably invested not only inside the cellar but what it might cost if something had to be serviced due to a used filter causing serious harm.

    On a sidenote, I’ve owned my Eurocave for 4 years and I’d like to think that I have a considerable collection inside. I wouln’t want to jeopardize any wine by not following Eurocaves guidlines. We do offer a package of filters where you get a free filter when you purchase 3!

  3. I don’t mean to seem argumentative, but it just hasn’t been adequately explained as to what the charcoal filters actually do – by Eurocave or by Wine Enthusiast. What does “we don’t want to interrupt the natural occurrence” mean, in real language? Warranties aside, you haven’t answered precisely how would a user be “jeopardizing” wine or why the unit might break. In fact, your response seems to imply that this question shouldn’t require a factual explanation because $30 is a nominal fee compared with the thousands of dollars spent on the unit and the wine within it.

    I can unscrew the top to the filter that came with my unit and see that it is simply full of loose activated charcoal, and I didn’t break any seal to do that. There is no technology here, literally LUMPS of COAL!

    Not everyone who buys a luxury product simply spends money blindly – many of us want to understand why we’re writing them. I’d much rather spend my $30 on an everyday Sonoma Zin than on a bag of coal. And I don’t feel “Because we/Eurocave said so,” is a valid response, your recurring revenue stream aside. That said, I’ll wait for a more complete answer here before I proactively seek others in the blogosphere.

  4. 4 David Moseler(Wine Storage Consultant) said:

    Hi Ian. You do make some great points. Since Eurocave has a 30+ year history of manufacturing and maintaining high-end wine cabinets, I went directly to the source to answer your question. According to Christophe Chapet, EuroCave’s After-Sales Director:

    “The charcoal filter is the main part of maintenance which EuroCave advises we change annually so that your wine cellar keeps all its performances, particularly in regards to ambient air filtration. The charcoal used in the EuroCave filter is specially studied for application of EuroCave wine ceallrs and can not be considered as standard charcoal material. EuroCave uses specific charcoal, an extruded coal based activated carbon suitable for absorption in air as well as for the purification of air. The key features of this charcoal is high density, optimized pore structure, minimal product degradation and high natural air purification.”

    Once again, neither Wine Enthusiast nor EuroCave recommends adding “lumps of coal” to your filter, especially since it will void the warranty of your unit. I hope this clarifies your question regarding the Eurocave Filter. Thanks again for asking such a pognant question that many of our customers inquire about.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to consider my question thoughtfully and to find out more from EuroCave. This does provide a bit more insight. As you said before, it’s clear that if one is concerned with their warranty they are best off just replacing their filter annually with genuine maintenance parts. And I’m sure your readers and customers appreciate your responsiveness and willingness to address the question.

  6. I trust the charcoal filters will last years then in the plastic bags they are shipped in? If I buy 4 to get the best value, they will last 4 years?

  7. 7 David Moseler(Wine Storage Consultant) said:

    Yes. Each Charcoal filter comes individually wrapped in an air-tight bag. As long as this seal is not broken, they have an unlimited shelf life.

  8. Wine Enthusiast Order – A15583180001 – EUROCAVE DIGITAL COMFORT 260 BLACK SD RIGHT


    I purchased a eurocave 260 in april of 2009. it is located in an unairconditioned room with no outside light. The room temp can flucuate from 60 – 80 degrees throughout the year living on maui.

    I noticed when I changed the charcol filter that whater was leaking out the filter area. I also noticed some ice build up as well and I thought this was due to me not changing the filter right at the one year mark. It was changed in May. I removed all the bottles which I currently have about 200 bottles in. I cleaned the walls and everything seemed perfect. I check the cellar almost every day and the temp inside never changes it fluctuates maybe 1 degree between 54 and 55 degrees.

    Now I noticed that water is now leaking out the charcol filter area. I am worried because over time the water will damage the back wall.

    Please advise a solution to this.

    thank you


  9. 9 David Moseler(Wine Storage Consultant) said:

    Hi Tracy. Thank you for your email inquiry. There are many things that we can do to trouble shoot the Eurocave. Ice build can occur by bottles touching the back wall so please check that first. I would advice calling our Eurocave Tech Hotline at 800.648.6048 x 2 as we can review and go over every detail of the unit w/ you.
    Thank you.

  10. Hi David,

    The number above does not work it merely states all circuits are busy.

    I cleaned and reorganized the bottles so none are touching the back wall. However, it still has water coming from filter area! The bottom shelf area has water so most seems to be going to the bottom.

    4 days ago I called Wine Enthusiast and they said a rep would call me back but no one has called yet!

    Please help.



  11. 11 David Moseler(Wine Storage Consultant) said:

    Tracy, I just called the # above and everything seemed fine…Regardless, We’ll be happy to look up your order and assign a tech to call you within 24 hours to review the diagnostics wih you.

    Thank you!

  12. I do live in Hawaii and this may be for mainland only toll free? As I try it 5 more times and still got the all circuits are busy. my cell is 808-357-5172

    I did everything suggested and still getting frost inside with leaking out of the vent area.

  13. How consistent a temperature can a Comfort 266 be expected to maintain between the top shelves and lower areas? (Assuming placed into well ventillated room, steady 75 degree ambient temp & nicely-loaded cabinet, etc.)

    The Comfort 266 has no air circulation fan. so colder/heavier air must naturally settle to the bottom. There is also a top-to-bottom airflow designed-in (eg: air enters at the top-mounted filter and exits at bottom open air hole) that further encourages colder, lower shelves.

    So, what temperature variance does Eurocave expect to be effectively maintained between the upper area vs. bottom areas of the cabinet? How is that level maintained (with no means to push cold air back “up”) ?

  14. 14 David Moseler(Wine Storage Consultant) said:

    Thank you for your question. Keep in mind that for every 10 degree change in AIR temperature, there is a 1 degree change in liquid temperature…To answer your question, expect a 4-5 degree differential between the top and bottom. Thank you.

  15. I omitted “with glass door” as part of my question, re: temperature variance within Comfort 266

    Thank you.

  16. I have a model 283 for 1 1/2 year but now the upper 1/4 of the back wall has a thick layer of frost. I defrosted the unit and it came back what is the cause?

  17. 17 David Moseler said:

    Bill, we would strongly suggest that you peform the annual maintance by replacing the charcoal filter AND wiping down the inside of the cabinet. Frost can occur for several reasons one of them is as I mentioned above. Another cause would be if there are any bottles touching the back wall. As bottles touch this back cold wall, freezing points can occur throughout the cabinet.

    If any of these troubleshooting suggestions doesnt’ solve the issue, we have Eurocave techs available to assist further. Please call 800.648.6058 x2.

    Thank you.

  18. Hi Bill,
    I got absolutely no response from eurocave. After doing everything suggested from their website it was a very simple fix.

    I had both a leaky filter area as well as ice build up and this is how I solved it.

    I cleaned out all the ice and wiped everything down on the inside with warm wash cloth ( I got it damp and nuked it in the microwave for 2 min to cut through the ice build up) it took a good 2 hours to unload it and clean it.

    I then removed the filter and wrapped a paper towel around it cutting it so it just fit around the filter tube. I made sure nothing extended from it or covered the ends. So basically it works like a seal. and it worked perfectly no more water leaking out and no more ice build up.

    I do take a towel weekly or every other week and clean up the inside bottom ledge which usually has a lot of water build up. but so far everything works perfectly and the filter no longer has water leaking from it.

  19. I could use some help with a Eurocave 264 that I just purchased. When I inspected it I did not hear any noise other than that of the compressor running. I have just loaded and turned it on in my house and it now makes the humming compressor noise as well as a ‘burbling’ noise in the cooling pipes.

    We needed to transport it horizontally on its side from house to house and that took approximately 2 hours. I left it upright for about 36 hours and then moved it upstairs this am. Moving it today took approx 20 minutes and there were points at which it was tilted at least 45 degrees. I waited about an hour as I configured shelves and loaded.

    Did I mess up by not waiting an additional 36-48 hours after the 20 minute jostling and will it fix itself now if I wait? I left it on today for about 3 hours and have now turned it off.


  20. Reply for Ross re “Burbling” :
    My 266 did exactly that. It had a defective “temperature guage cable” that I had replaced almost immediately after it was delivered. After re-starting the Euro, I watched & listened closely and was truly concerned about a noisy, rythmic/pulsing internal “burble” in the coils when the compressor was running. But it has now been nine months and, after reading your “post” , I checked it this evening and its runnng fine and the “burble” is diminished and seems almost gone. Only a very light sound like fluid runnng in the coils. So, I assume it was/is an operational thing, much like the light “hum” of the compressor.

  21. 21 David Moseler said:

    Hello Ross. Eurocave suggests that when transported, try not to angle > 45 degrees. With that being said, leaving it off for a few days is the correct approach. If there is an abnormal sound, it may be due to part becoming loose. We have brought on additional Eurocave techs that can troubleshoot and diagnosis this with you.

    800.648.6058 x2

    thank you.

  22. 22 David Druley said:

    I have a Eurocave 266 which I purchased 9 months ago. It has worked fine over those 9 months however in the past 2 days the internal temperature has drifted up to 58 degrees( it is set for 54 degrees). Since the temperature began increasing I do not believe that the condenser has kicked on. This morning I changed the charcoal filter and dusted the coils however this has not resolved the problems. Thanks in advance for your response.

  23. 23 David Druley said:

    I have a Eurocave 266 which I purchased 9 months ago. It has worked fine over those 9 months however in the past 2 days the internal temperature has drifted up to 58 degrees( it is set for 54 degrees). Since the temperature began increasing I do not believe that the condenser has kicked on. This morning I changed the charcoal filter and dusted the coils however this has not resolved the problems. Thanks in advance for your response.

  24. 24 David Moseler said:

    Hello David. Eurocaves will take the average of your set temp and have a variance of 2-3 degrees on either end. A lot of this could be base on the surrounding ambient temps as well. I would also ensure that there is enough liquid mass in the unit for it to remain a bit more constant.

    In my unit, I have it set for 55 and it can reach up to 57 before the compressor kicks on. I would continue to monitor and if you feel that something is still off, absolutely give us a call at 800 648 6058 so we can assist.

    Thank you.

  25. It seems clear from other postings that changing the charcoal filter, being sure that the bottles do not touch the back wall, and cleaning the inside have not worked for many. My unit is installed as a built in and removal is not easy. My understanding is that cleaning coils was so refrigerant would work effectively and and so refrigerator motors would last.
    If that is correct, then I do not want to dismantle my cabinets. Is there any other reason the back would frost over? And what would be the fix? Temperature inside depending on position of my refridgerator thermometer varies from 51 to 55 degrees so 1. motor, condensor must be working right and 2 settings should not be causing “freezing”. (This is like Grandma’s old frig…wait for the buildup and defrost the thing.)

  26. 26 Dan Kirshner said:

    i recently purchased rolling shelves for my 266 bottle performance unit and when the shelf slides all the way back, the back left wheel falls off the track. this is occurring on 3 of my shelves. is this a defect?

  27. Thanks for the posts everyone. I was working on my computer tonight and noticed my Eurocave 266 slowly creeping up into the low 60′s. Since we keep it set for 55 degrees this was a bit alarming. I read the posts, inspected my unit and found ice on the back wall. I took all the bottles out, removed the ice, cleaned the inside, dusted the coils, and replaced the charcoal filter with my backup. Who ever has a backup when the really need it? Well, one out of a hundred for us but I am glad it was this time since our wine was involved. In conclusion, plugged unit back in and everything seems to going as should be. Great tips on this site.

    David Moseler – let the Eurocave folks know their manual could be greatly improved upon. I would even volunteer to write it for them. For instance, I currently have a red dot in the upper left corner and a red dash in the middle lower right area, both lit up, but no idea why.

  28. Regarding: Rolling Shelves falling off rail in back of unit

    The wheels/rails on your rolleing shelves are adjustable. I had that problem initially, but then easily adjusted the wheels to be farther apart (thus closer to the sides of the unit and better seated inside the track) and it fixed it. (As I recall, it only required a screwdriver.) I assume the shelves fit more than one type/model unit, so they don’t necessarily come set for yours.

  29. 29 David Moseler said:

    Dan, thank you for your question. The rolling shelves have 4 screws(2 on each side) that are for adjustment in width. Please try to widen the shelf as this should prevent the slipping of the caster.

    If you need further assistance, please contact our Eurocave Tech Dept. at 800.648.6058 x2
    Thank you.

  30. My eurocave has a front mounted removable thermostat that recently stopped working, which has stopped cooling the refrigerator. Can someone please advise.

  31. I have a Comfort 260 that I purchased in 2004 from Wine Enthusiast. The compressor has recently been making a lot of noise and the temp fluctuates from 46 – 56 which is annoying because frost builds up on the back wall. We have replaced the filter and clean out the inside once a year and also clean the back of it once to twice a year. Any ideas? Also, who would I call for repair work on it? Any help would be much appreciated.

  32. Lost manual for my Eurocave comfort 260…does anyone know where to get a replacement?

  33. Hello TonyD. Depending on the generation you have, our Eurocave tech department will have past manuals. Please contact them at 800 648 6058 option 2 and they will be able to take care of you.


  34. Hello – I’m continuing to have a Eurocave problem that I’ve attempted to resolve with customer support without success. I have ice forming in the back and real temperature of the unit (using an external thermometer) is around 40 degrees. I’ve changed the filter, the coils are clean, and no bottles are touching the back. I’ve also replaced a sensor. I have two of these units and the other one works fine. Tech has promised to return my call with other steps, but they haven’t returned any of my calls. I always have to call them and only get assistance when I happen to get a person on the other line. I need help.


  35. Tim, I apologize for the delay. I have reached out to my tech department and they will be contacting you ASAP. If you do not hear from them within the next day, please reach out to me directly at 800 356 8466 x5124. Thank you.

  36. 36 Ruben Kendrick said:

    David: I have a 2007 Classic 1 temp v 283. I am having water collect on the metal shelf (inside the unit above the motor). The water was partially absorbed by the wooden rack that sits on that shelf and caused a mold problem. I did a complete cleaning of the unit and got rid of the mold. However, I still have water collecting on the shelf that I wipe up every couple of days. Should I raise the back legs slightly and have the water fall to the bottom of the unit and drain outside or is there another issue that I need to correct? Thanks!

  37. I have the same issue as Ruben. I would like to find a solution, too.

  38. And now today’s little “present” is that the door alarm indicator is on and the unit won’t cool. I tried locking the door to ensure good contact for the door sensor. Is it possible for the door alarm indicator to come on in the event of another type of problem? Does the door sensor become demagnetized?

  39. 39 John Pomfret said:

    I bought a Euro Cave 266 in 2007. I opened it today and instead of showing 55 degrees it showed me 70.
    I have been maintaining it well. But the temperature is not dropping even after I reset it.

  40. 40 Pablo Figueredo said:

    I am looking for a owner’s manual for model v-264-m…can anyone get one for me. Also what clening products can be used to clean the wood on the inside shelfs?

    Thanks, Pablo
    cell 786-417-6588

  41. Thank you for your inquiry. If possible, please contact our Eurocave Tech Support at 800 648 6058 option 2 as they should be able to assist.


  42. Thank you for your inquiry. If possible, please contact our Eurocave Tech support at 800 648 6058 option 2 as they should be able to assist.


  43. 43 Howard Levine said:

    I have a Eurocave Confort (260?) purchased in 2007. Recently the digital temperature display stopped working. The unit still appears to be maintaining the correct temperature. Is there a battery which powers the display that may need to be replaced? Is the display replaceable if needed? Or is there something else which I need to do?

    Thanks in advance.

  44. I replaced my battery last year and it’s very easy.

    Just pry out the digital readout frame with a small flathead screwdriver and there’s a watch battery compartment on the backside. Take the dead battery to radio shack and buy a two-pack for $4.

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