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Wine Wisdoms #19: The Point of Punts

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 at 4:18:48 PM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

Wine Bottle Punt The “Punt” is the concaved base or indent at the bottom of a bottle of wine. It has many purposes, though most likely punts are just a traditional style that has been perpetuated over the years.

  1. It makes the bottle easier to hold and pour from
  2. It makes the glass bottle more break-resistant and less likely to tumble over
  3. It can be seen as a symbol of quality
  4. It holds the bottle in place on a bottling line
  5. It helps gather the sediment of older wines
  6. Historically, it was used in Champagne to help stack bottles for the riddling process

It’s unclear what the real reason is, and not all bottles are actually created with punts. Different producers may have their own individual reasons, beyond this list as well.

Why do you think wine bottles have punts?

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3 Responses to “Wine Wisdoms #19: The Point of Punts”

  1. I have imagined that the punt must have originated from where the early glass-blowers separated the glass-blowing tube from the newly created vessel. I have visualized blowing glass into an upside-down bottle mold, where the uneven “breakaway” point from the glass bottom needed to be pushed into the body of the bottle just a little bit, the mold giving the bottle a consistently even, or flat, base regardless of the unevenness of the “breakaway” surface. I have yet to talk to a glass-blower about this. – anybody know for sure??

  2. 2 thomas campion said:

    I wish to beleive that “PUNTS” were added to allow the sediment from unfiltered wines (and other impurities) that setling in the center of a bottle. Instead of all the sediment traveling to the bottom when pouring (creating an unsightly mess), only the top portion whould gently fall and little would be disturbed. As I filter my own home made wines it doesn’t matter, but I have seen some 20 year old French wines that are atroaches with sediment..Thanks…Tom..

  3. 3 David Moseler(Wine Storage Consultant) said:

    To expand on John’s comment, the inception of a standard 750ml bottle came about because that was the size the glass-blower could make it one breath…

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