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Wine Wisdoms #8: It’s All About Balance

Monday, December 1st, 2008 at 5:18:33 PM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

balance.jpgThe simplest way to judge the quality of a wine is to determine whether the wine is well-balanced. A wine of high quality will have flavor components that are integrated and in sync with one another. Attributes such as alcohol, acidity and tannin should work together well. If something seems out of wack, it may be an indication of a poorer quality of wine. For example, if you sense a hotness in your throat after sipping the wine, the alcohol may be out of balance. If your mouth is watering profusely, the acidity may be too high. Balance is the most crucial element of wine tasting. And of course if YOU don’t like it, none of this matters at all!

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One Response to “Wine Wisdoms #8: It’s All About Balance”

  1. I would venture an uneducated guess (based only on experience) that serving temperature and aeration can help to mask or reveal balance deficiencies. And, maybe even the vessel from which it is enjoyed can have effect. Is this true?

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