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Wine Cellar Design Stories: Problem Solving with Style

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 at 1:27:16 PM
by John T., Wine Enthusiast Companies

The prospect of starting a new wine cellar design is always an exciting one. Each customer has their own individual needs and taste, and it’s my job to exceed their expectation. Sometimes we need to do a bit of problem solving, like in my project for Mr. Lippert.

Mold Cleaning

Before I could begin on a wine cellar design for Mr. Lippert we had to address a problem: his old cellar had mold.  See, Mr. Lippert already had a wine cellar in the room but the previous installer didn’t protect the walls. This caused moisture to build up in the walls, creating a mold problem. What good would a beautiful custom wine cellar be if the room was not built out properly to be a wine cellar?  We had to remedy the problem and prep the walls, before doing anything else. This is done by taking the existing walls down, placing vapor barrier (6- mil polyethylene plastic) in between the studs, rigid foam insulation, and covering the interior walls with a moisture-resistant drywall.  With the mold issue resolved, we were ready for the fun part!

Mr. Lippert wanted a wine cellar to accommodate approximately 3000 to 4000 bottles.  The majority of his storage needs consisted of traditional Bordeaux bottles, some magnums, splits(1/2 size wine bottles), and case storage.  As you enter the wine cellar a portion of the exterior walls are glass.  I felt this would be a great opportunity to place a focal point of the cellar on the opposing wall.  I decided to incorporate an archway on this wall with individual racking to the left and right of the archway.  The individual racking also consisted of high reveal displays (this allows full visibility of your finest wines with no obstructions) with L.E.D lighting (light emitting diodes-gives off very low heat and has low voltage) for a nice accent. Below the archway included both diamond bin and diamond cube storage.  The diamond racks look great and are excellent for accommodating larger format bottles.  I also incorporated double deep (gives you twice the amount of storage of single deep) individual racks with double deep case storage below in order to get Mr. Lippert’s bottle capacity up towards where he wanted it to be.

Cellar Design Progress

We put the finishing touches on Mr. Lippert’s wine cellar by customizing a wine storage table in the center of the wine cellar.  This table is a great area to open bottles, pour wine, and enjoy company within the cellar! Below the table top is specific storage for cases, double magnums, magnums, and splits.

All racking was completed in top of the line all-heart redwood with a natural finish.  The wine cellar is climate controlled by a split wine cooling system (wall mounted evaporator connected to an outdoor condenser for quiet operation.)

To ensure the installation went smoothly we called on our master wine cellar builder-Mr. John Seitz to assemble the custom racking.  Needless to say, a job well done.

Good communication is essential when designing a custom wine cellar.  By addressing his specific wine cellar needs combined with style and class we created the wine cellar of Mr. Lippert’s dreams.

If you’d like to discover how to build the wine cellar of your dreams, Contact a Wine Enthusiast Cellar Consultant Today for a FREE Wine Storage Consultation – Call 800.377.3330

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