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We Stand Behind Fusion Stemware: The World’s Most Break-Resistant Glasses

Thursday, October 16th, 2008 at 10:43:18 AM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

Fusion ClassicIn these trying economic times, the last thing anybody wants to do is re-purchase broken wine glasses because you knocked one over and broke it. When you purchase a vessel for your wines, you want it to be elegant and long lasting. Our popular line of Fusion stemware certainly fits that bill. The glasses are so elegant in their design, that they’re often mistaken for more expensive brands. Yet the glasses are so strong, they can handle any knockdowns by clumsy guests. We even recommend that you put them in the dishwasher. Fusion is European crystal fused with super-strong magnesium to form a durable, lightweight, graceful wine glass.  As we say, Fusion is truly “science meets sophistication.”

Fusion Infinity

We’ve always been proud of our Fusion line, but with our new 10-Year Limited Warranty, we have something to stand behind.

We promise that if you purchase our Fusion stemware and it breaks within 10 years, we’ll replace it for free, you just take care of shipping and handling. In the unlikely event that this occurs, we have a Fusion Hotline, waiting to assist you at 800.648.6058.

Are you tired of broken glasses? We hear your frustration! Leave a comment, and fill us in!

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11 Responses to “We Stand Behind Fusion Stemware: The World’s Most Break-Resistant Glasses”

  1. Are you kidding me? This has to be a joke right?

    You are standing behind your product so much so that you are willing to replace a broken glass for FREE* – only if you read the fine print FREE in this case is defined as $9.99 for shipping and handling. Oh wow, thank you so much for offering to SELL me another glass for almost 100% of what a new one costs anyway.

    I want to meet the marketing whiz who thought this one up.

  2. Thank you for your honest comment, Chris. You are correct, though the glass itself is free, we ask customers to pay $9.95 toward the cost of shipping a new glass which includes its protective box and shipping. This charge neither covers the cost of the glass nor the entire cost of shipping. We actually do not sell our Fusion glasses as singles, but if we were to, the cost would be somewhere from $12.50-$17.50, depending on the glass you choose. We feel this is a great solution to overwhelming requests from customers. Since Wine Enthusiast Fusion lines are stronger than other stemware, we saw that we could extend this incredible offer, helping everyone’s dollar go a little bit further.

    In addition, if you live near our Mt. Kisco headquarters, just 45 minutes North of New York City, you can stop by our showroom to pick up a new glass, free of any shipping charges.

  3. My point is that your headline, the one that got me to click into the email you sent me, says that there is a 10 year guarantee and that replacements are FREE. This is deceptive. Replacements are appr 30% less than retail. So this is better than buying something new but certainly not free by an stretch. The costs you detail to me are irrelevant.

    I think the real value in these glasses (and your main selling point) is that these are VERY break-resistant. You even go so far as to claim “The World’s Most Break-Resistant”. So if that is indeed the case then you should stand behind your product and give your customer some real value. Now on the other hand if these do break frequently and you have to limit your costs on replacements then I can see how you need to charge “something” so you dont lose your shirt on this deal.

    Check out ZAGG invisible shield for a real product guarantee.

    I guess the bottom line is that you shouldn’t be receiving “overwhelming requests” for a policy like this for a glass that is so break resistant.

  4. Hi Chris,
    Thank you for your response. To be clear, we receive requests for replacement glassware frequently, it isn’t a reflection on the Fusion line, which breaks very rarely, as stated. This is one benefit we are offering to satisfy our customers. Remember, Fusion is still glass and under extreme physical conditions they may break.

    Like many other retailers’ limited warranties, including Zagg’s, there is a minimal reshipping and handling fee. Yes, even ZAGG has a minimum reshipping and handling charge.

    We stand by our promise, and still feel that this offer is a great value to our customers, and up to industry standards. We are always glad to hear from our customers, and we thank you for your comments.

  5. I understand the point Chris is trying to make but I still appreciate the replacement guarantee. I think that contributing to the cost of shipping and packaging materials is quite reasonable. What I am most impressed with is Wine Enthusiast’s willingness to publish unflattering comments such as Chris’. To me this shows a great confidence in the product and a refreshingly open customer service department. My hats off to you and your products. Thank you Wine Enthusiast!

  6. I don’t know of any other website that offers free replacements. You(WineEnthusiast) have to be loosing money. Customers have to realize we(the business owner) have to pay for packaging and shipping and shipping is very expensive and out of our control. We sell hand painted wine glasses at and shipping often is more than the price of the glass. We ship USPS because we have had so much breakage problems with other shipping methods. Thank you WineEnthusiast for your excellent products and replacement policy.

  7. 7 Truth in Advertising said:

    Erika S. – From a purchaser’s perspective, your warranty is simply that if a glass breaks, the owner gets a 20% discount on a replacement. Simple math. Let’s call it what it is. Comments about breaking up sets is immaterial.

    Bettie Infant – It is true that you have shipping costs when you operate a web business. You do, however, not have high priced store space, manned product displays, parking, or merchandising costs. You can’t have it both ways.

    Buyers have choice – they can buy at the store and they can buy on-line and they will go where it makes most sense. If the glass doesn’t break, offer a free replacement and amortize that cost in your price. If 1 glass in a hundred breaks, that would add 5.8 cents to the price of your glass. If 1 glass in a 1,000 breaks, that would add 0.7 cents to the price of your glass.

    If its true that these glasses don’t break. And knowing that only a small percentage of the buyers that break a glass will still have a receipt or remember the warranty, then you would be comfortable offering the free replacement. But your not.


  8. Just bought Fusion Chardonnay las t december 2009.Already broke 2.
    One fell ON the table second last night broke while drying it with kitchen cloth. I am very disapointed . They are MOST FRAGILE.
    Comment: indeed tired of broken glasses!

  9. Well Mariette (above) has settled my choice!

  10. I just purchased and received a set of Fusion Classic Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc glasses. The Sauvignon Blancs look great but the Pinot Noir glasses are unbalanced. The foot or base of every glass is not level. The glasses wobble when you set them down. Has anyone else experienced similar problems with the Pinot Noir or other Fusion Classic glasses? I plan to return on Monday when customer service opens.

  11. 3 out of 4 glasses broke. cut finger. given as gift in March. not happy. Father bought 8 also. 3 have broken.

    so lets get this straight. 12 glasses total. 6 broken. 50% failure and one cut finger. never mind the one that was broken on the original delivery. It however was replaced free of charge.

    Not happy and it will not happen again,

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