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Where’s John and Wine Enthusiast’s Wine Cellar RV?

Monday, August 25th, 2008 at 11:34:56 AM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

When we last left you, our Master Wine Cellar Builder, John was cruising the west coast, making wine cellar dreams come true in Riverside and San Francisco, California. Now he’s back East, making stops everywhere from Livingston, New Jersey to Tallahassee, Florida. Here is the latest schedule, hot off the presses. If you’d like to catch him in your neighborhood, fill out our Design Consultation Form or call us today at 800.377.3330.

August 25th: Livingston, New Jersey
August 27th : Traveling towards Tallahassee Florida by way of Washington D.C, Raleigh North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia
Sept 2nd : Tallahassee Florida
Sept 8th : Lake Wylie, South Carolina
Sept 15th: Sag Harbor, N.Y
Sept 22nd: New Wine Enthusiast Mt. Kisco Office

Now for fun, can you guess where John was when this photo was taken?

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cellar RV Airplane

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2 Responses to “Where’s John and Wine Enthusiast’s Wine Cellar RV?”

  1. To the people who came up to me in the restaurant in Birmingham: Thank-you for those kind words about the magazine and myself. But as far as telling you where the picture was taken, that just wouldn’t be fair. Take a close look again and you will find the answer

  2. I don’t belive F-4′s have been flying for awhile so it appears to be a static display. USMC Air Station, Beaufort, SC or maybe Parris Island, SC

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