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Decanter Cleaning Made Easy

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 at 4:50:42 PM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

Massimo RoosterSo you’re ready to take your wine enjoyment to the next level and experience all of the benefits of decanting like a more full aromatic bouquet and a softer glass of wine. You’ve seen many elegant decanters in all shapes and sizes like the Riedel Amadeo and even wild Massimo Lunardon animal decanters. As beautiful as these are, you may be wondering: “How in the heck do I clean one of those?
Luckily we offer a wide variety of cleaning accessories that are catered to specific decanter shapes. We have long cleaning brushes and beads that soak up red wine from the deepest decanter crevices and drying stands that prevent water spots. Here’s how they work:


Cleaning BeadsCleaning Beads: These little ingenuous beads are tossed into a decanter and mixed with water to clean the entire interior of the decanter. Best of all, these are a one-time investment as they can be reused again and again.

Decanter Cleaning BrushDecanter Cleaning Brush: This extra long brush can reach the bottom of the tallest decanters. There’s no need to use a crummy old sponge when you have a brush tailored to your decanter.

Stem ShineStem Shine: If you’ve ever been frustrated with the cloudiness that regular dish detergent can leave, Stem Shine is a great solution. Squeeze some stem shine into your decanter and scrub with your decanter cleaning brush for a perfectly clean and sparkling decanter, every time.

Decanter Drying StandDrying Stand: Our decanter drying stands hold your decanter perfectly in place as it air dries. We offer various shapes for each decanter type.

Now that you’ve learned how simple decanter cleaning can be, what are you waiting for? Select a decanter that catches your eye from our wide variety, then add-on some decanter cleaning products to keep it immaculate with every use.

Have you tried any of our decanter cleaning products? Which do you recommend? Leave a comment and let us know!

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3 Responses to “Decanter Cleaning Made Easy”

  1. 1 Marthann Cibel Secrist said:

    I’ve heard that if you put the product that is used to clean dentures into a decanter it will remove all the residue of wine. I wonder if you’ve tried this.

  2. 2 "MO" in Milford said:

    I have tried this ‘detergent-less method’….and my false teeth resented it…in truth, the polident tablet will work somewhat…but we have been using ‘distilled water and white vinegar’ in a quart of water to a two tablespoons of white vinegar mixture and with that product and a very good bottle brush and a drying rack – achieved a ‘sparkling result.’ Tap water just doesn’t do a complete job. Hope this helps.

  3. Just bought the Eve decanter from Riedel. Does anyone know if there is a stand for that one?

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