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EuroCave Wine Cellars: The Difference Between Comfort and Performance

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008 at 4:28:13 PM
by Marshall T., Wine Enthusiast Companies

Eurocave PerformanceWhen it comes to the world of free-standing wine cellars, chances are you will find that most people agree on one thing…EuroCave is King. There are many reasons why their product is trusted by millions of wine lovers over the years to house their prized collections, some collections worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The answer is simple, they are the best at protecting your wines, allowing them to age gracefully.

Here’s why:

• Climate control: both temperature and humidity, is far superior to any other free-standing wine cellar made.
• They’re quiet, vibration free
• They block out all harmful light, and
• They last two to three times longer than most other units!

If you are looking for a 200+ bottle free-standing unit, EuroCave has two distinct lines.

So, a question I am asked quite often is, “What is the difference between Comfort and Performance?” Allow me to shed some light on that comparison.

Firstly, How Are They Alike?
All EuroCaves, including both the Performance & Comfort lines, have cooling and heating coils in all 3 walls which create an extremely tight temperature gradient. They both also have an airflow system in the back that allows air to be brought in from the outside. When that outside air mixes with the inside air, it creates condensation that sticks to the interior aluminum walls, maintaining the humidity. And, all Comforts and Performance units have a digital temperature control and read out.

Now, How Are They Different?EuroCave
Digital Temperature Controls: While both have a digital temperature control and read- out, the Performance also comes standard with a hygrometer, alarm system and interior lighting located in its sophisticated control board. The alarm monitors the temperature, humidity, door, and charcoal filter.

Bottle Capacities:
Both units can hold between 160-230 bottles depending on how the shelving is set up, and have the exact same dimensions. The Performance Series is also available in a smaller under-counter fingerprint that holds up to 54 bottles, and a larger built-in series that can hold up to 165 bottles.

Temperature-Zones & Built-In Capabilities: The Comfort unit only comes in a 1 temperature zone option and in a black finish. The Performance can be purchased in 1,2, or 3 temperature zone options, and can be ordered in custom finishes including Stainless Steel and in the Elite option, which encloses the unit in solid wood cabinetry. The Performance is available as a built-in cellar, as a front-vented unit to fit underneath a kitchen counter or build into cabinetry, while the Comfort is only available as a free-standing unit.

Ambient Temperatures: The Performance can be set at higher and lower temperatures than the Comfort, and can also withstand higher and lower surrounding ambient temperatures thanks to the Extreme Cooling upgrade that comes standard on the unit. The EuroCave wine cellar is the only wine cellar we would recommend for a garage, especially for those who live in the nation’s warmest or coldest climates.

Lava Rocks: The Performance also has a basket of lava rocks and interior fan that allow you to manipulate the humidity in the cabinet. The alarm will let you know when the humidity has gone too low. The Comfort will simply maintain the humidity.

So, Which Unit Is Right For You?
That will depend on a lot of factors. The bottom line is there is no right or wrong way to go. It all depends upon your wants and needs as a wine drinker and collector. Wine Enthusiast wine storage consultants are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help make your EuroCave buying decision a pleasurable one. Either way, as long as you are getting a Eurocave, you are getting our top-of-the-line wine cellar that you can be confident will store your wine properly for years to come.

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20 Responses to “EuroCave Wine Cellars: The Difference Between Comfort and Performance”

  1. 1 patrick brandner said:

    Do the eurocaves hold bordeaux bottles ? If so, how many in the super cave? I have not inquired about the supercave in the past.

  2. Hi Patrick– Yes the Eurocaves will hold Bordeaux bottles. The bottle capacity in each unit can vary from 39-223, depending on the model. Of course you can always purchase multiple units to expand as well.

  3. Readily available from any vendor of wine storage units should be information on how long the compressor can be
    expected to last(my experience is 5 years),what is involved in changing the compressor out and what the replace-
    ment unit currently costs.Needless to say that if that information is not available pre-purchase or if the compres-
    sor cannot be readily purchased and/or replaced ,don’t buy the unit no matter how nice it looks.

  4. Moving form Washingotn State where I have great , natural wine cellar, to florida where I have a dedicated room.
    I have over forty cases to move and would probably regrow my cellar to about 1000 bottles. What;s best sytem I could have for this capacity-and in a very wrm climate with possibility of storm caused power outages? (use a back-up generator? Can dry ice help for short period outages??

  5. I am new to the wine world and all my reasearch keeps drawing me to EuroCave. I have just inherited a mint condition old wine refrigerator that seems to be working great. However I do not know how to control it. By reading your past comments I can already tell I need to replace the charcoal filter since it looks like it has not been replaced in a long time. Here is the information I found on a tag on the back of the machine:

    LaCave by LaMaison Edery, Inc
    Cave Avin
    Vieillitheque 200
    No. 1000 Rustique

    It is built into a beautiful wood cabinet and has two manual thermostats located towards the bottom right of the interior of the unit. It cools down but I can’t figure out the two thermostats. When “playing” with them they appear to almost work against each other.

    Any information you could provide or place you could point me to would be greatly appreciated.

    I look foward to future discussions with you as my wine skills develop

    Thanks in advance,


  6. I just pruchased the 260 bottle Eurocave Comfort and noticed the temperature which I have set at 57 degrees fluctuates between 56 and 59 degrees. Is that normal? Thanks

  7. Hi Dan,

    Yes, that is perfectly normal and let me explain why. Most wine refrigerators on the market have a temperature gradient from top to bottom of about 8-10 degrees. Because of the advanced refrigeration technology and heavily insulated aluminum walls in the Eurocave Wine Cellars the temperature gradient is about 3-5 degrees. The sensors in the EuroCave are highly sensitive, so it will read the exact changes in temperature where as most units just have a single sensor. So even though the temperature read out may not show as much fluctuation on other units, the temperature inside the cabinets is varying much more than the few degrees that a EuroCave will. I hope that makes sense and if you have any other questions feel free to contact any of our EuroCave specialists at 800-377-3330.

  8. 8 John Matchett said:

    I’m very disappointed with my Eurocave. After six years it has developed a refrigerant leak within the cabinet walls. The cabinet is in otherwise pristine condition having never been moved after delivery by Eurocave. Eurocave have informed me that it can not be repaired. Bottom line is that I have a 2,400 euro cabinet that has only lasted six years and which must now be scrapped. To add to the injury, my Eurocave is located at my holiday home in France in the middle of the southern Cote du Rhone wine area!

    Buyer beware!

  9. I am sorry that you are having these unfortunate and, quite honestly, rare issues with your EuroCave John. If the unit was located within the US, we would be more than happy to send out one of our EuroCave Technicians to assess the situation. In the meantime, if you would like to contact our Technical Service Department directly at 800-648-6058 we can take your information and contact EuroCave regarding your issue to see if something can be done.

  10. 10 Jan Christenson said:

    I’m close to purchasing a Eurocave Performance 1 temp 183. Three questions
    1) 4 rolling shelves aren’t enough. Your picture of the 183 depicts 10 rolling shelves? What gives? Can the units be ordered with more?
    2)Which Eurocave unit is the most energy efficient? Which unit of any brand is the most energy efficient? There is little mention of energy consumption, but there should be considering the they are operating 24/7.
    3) Is the glass door model just as energy efficient as the solid door version?

  11. All excellent questions Jan. You are absolutely correct about the shelving. Some of the images are shown with additional shelving to display how they would appear if you added shelves to your unit. The Performance 183 can hold 10 shelves total if you choose to add them, but it may only hold 9 if every bottle is not the standard bordeaux size. The Eurocave units are all extrememly efficient, the smaller ones being minimally more efficient than the larger ones. The same goes for the glass door/solid door comparison. Because the solid door units can handle slightly higher ambient temps, they may be a bit more efficient. But unless the unit is in an extremely warm climate it would be a non issue. Feel free to contact any of our Wine Storage Consultants directly with any further questions at 800-377-3330 and thank you for your feedback and comments!

  12. Can the EuroCave Wine Cellar be installed directly adjacent to heating ducts located above the unit? We have limited options in terms of placement and we’d like an installed look. Placing a cooling unit next to a heating duct is obviously less than ideal, but is it a total non-starter? Can we insulate the wall between the EuroCave unit the duct to minimize the adverse impact?

  13. 13 Marshall T said:

    The EuroCave units can handle the warmest ambient surrounding temperatures of any unit on the market, specifically the Performance line. So as long as the ambient temperature stays below 95 degrees or so, then yes the EuroCave can be placed there. Of course you would still want to give any unit a few inches of clearance for ventilation if it is going to be placed in a warmer area.

  14. I just received my EuroCave Performance 283. Love it. But one thing… I cannot for some reason get the humidity above 60%. Had it for about 3-4 days.

    I soaked the humidity cartridge in cool water for about 2 mins and even added about 4oz of water. What else should I do? Does the cartridge do more than just sit there or does it need to be hooked in somewhere? Same for water, which is just a puddle now underneath that cartridge.

    Good news is it holds pretty steady at 56% and goes up to 60% occasionally but then comes back down. I have about 3 inches between in and the wall. Do I need it off the ground more using the feet adjusters? Or does it just take a few weeks to regulate higher?

    Also we’re just adding to this one so there’s not many bottles in there yet if that matters. Thanks!

  15. Forget this post. I think we’re good. The fridge seems to need about a week of steadiness to really build up humidity and the only other thing I did was set it to about 56f degrees. Holding solid at 67% now

  16. Yeah…this is why most connoisseurs are quite gung-ho about maintaining optimum standards of wine storage in their cellars.

  17. 17 Francis Kennedy Jr said:

    I resently purchased a one temp V283 Profressional, using it as a maturing cabinet. We’ve had it for over a month, this inquiry is about humidity. I followed the directions with concerns to humidity rocks, at this point I’m avg. 56% I’ve added Distilled H2O twice, approx. 4 – 6 Oz. each time! First time right after loading it the second time a few days ago.
    My question, how often can I add H2O?
    In addition, I double checked this reading with a digital hygrometer that I salt tested to make sure it was giving me the correct humidity reading. I took readings from inside the cabinet at different levels throughout a week, the fluctuations were less then .01% on my digital hygrometer & in line with the EuroCave reading.
    So back to my question, I’d like to have the humidity a bit higher?

    FYI- the cabinet is 80% full.

    My other 200 bottles wine cabinet (not a EuroCave) is keeping everything @ 53 deg. & 70% humidity!
    Any help or advice would be appreciated?

  18. Hi Frank,

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, while 56% is in the acceptable range of humidity for long term storage I understand your desire to raise it up a bit. You can really add water as much as needed in that unit. Many times you may find in the more humid months that there is constantly water at the bottom of the unit in those rocks which is fine as long as the humidity doesn’t go too high. As far as the reason why your humidity is not rising higher, there may be a few different possibilities. The best thing to do is to contact our EuroCave Technical Support team at 800-648-6058 ext 2. This way they can diagnose your specific issue and see what can be done to resolve it. Thanks again!

  19. I have a La Cave 2-temp purchased new in 1985. The temperature always ran steady at 57 degrees. It developed a leak 2 years ago which was fixed and recharged. Now the unit is out of gas — we recharged again and in a few days the temperature is up to 73 degrees — bad news. The compressor seems to be working ok but the coils in the back of the unit are barely lukewarm. My technician who knows refrigeration said it could be a leak in the walls of the unit and that would be impossible to fix. I am reluctant to spend any more time or $$ on this unit but it is in absolutely pristine condition — looks new inside and out. Can you help me figure this out? I feel that all my bottles of wine inside will be ruined at this temperature. Thank you in advance.

    Ed Liss

  20. Hello Ed,

    Thanks for your comment and sorry to hear about your La Cave Unit (which is different than EuroCave). You can certainly call our Technical Service Department directly at 800-648-6058 to check and see about your current unit. However, considering that unit is almost 30 years old and is having problems with the coils leaking, I would think that your reluctance to spend any more time or money on thatt unit is the correct assessment. If you wish to inquire about one of the EuroCave wine cellars any of our Wine Storage Consultants can certainly assist you. Just give us a call at 800-377-3330… we are more than happy to help.


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