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Why Do I Need a Wine Cellar? The 4 P’s

Friday, July 11th, 2008 at 1:34:05 PM
by Marshall T., Wine Enthusiast Companies

Wine Cellar GalleryEveryday here at Wine Enthusiast, we have wine lovers from all around the world contacting us via telephone, email, live chat, etc. asking us this very question. For some people, wine is just something they like to enjoy with meals or on social occasions with friends and family. For others, wine is a true passion, a way of life and reaches into their soul in one form another each and everyday. For that reason, there are a variety of different wine storage options that are offered, from entry- level wine refrigerators to high-end custom wine cellars, for all to choose from.

Regardless if you are a novice just starting your collection, or an experienced wine connoisseur that has had thousands of bottles stored for decades, there are 4 basic reasons why anyone who enjoys having wine in their home should have some form of proper wine storage. We call them the 4 P’s:

PLEASURE – This is the main reason why any of us started getting interested in wine in the first place. Think of the wonderful aromas and bouquet that emanate from that ripe Napa Cabernet, or the layered complexity of that vintage Bordeaux that is just at its peak. Or the swirling of that delicate Pinot Noir in its glass that can be absolutely mesmerizing. The memories and emotions that are elicited by that certain wine that remind you of a wonderful experience. These pleasures are why wine drinkers are so enthralled and passionate about wine in general. Without the proper storage, these things may never occur. A bottle that should be at its peak can turn sour, resulting in huge disappointment.

PROTECTION – To be able to enjoy the security of knowing that your wines are stored in a climate (both temperature and humidity) controlled environment, so they can mature to their peak of perfection. The same way you would want to protect anything that needs to be for future enjoyment, wine is no different. If neglected and unprotected, the chances are it will lead to a disappointing experience instead of the memorable one you anticipate.

PROFIT – Just as you would take the proper steps to help your assets grow, the same is true for your “liquid” assets. In this day and age, selling older vintage wines, wine futures, etc. is a huge business. If you are in the business of selling off parts of your collection, buyers want to know that they are purchasing from a seller who has had their wine stored properly. Not only will your wines increase in monetary value, but in enjoyment value as well. The flavors, aromas, and color nuances are all significantly improved when stored in the proper climate.

Whether opening a single bottle for dinner or hosting a wine tasting for a group of friends, the display of your fine wine collection is a reflection of your good taste. Whether it is a small cabinet in your dining room, or a large custom cellar in your basement, your wine cellar is a part of your home. Your friends and family will marvel in seeing how you have incorporated your passion as part of your everyday life. When you take pride in your collection, and share that pride with those close to you, it makes for memorable occasions which is what the enjoyment of wine is all about.

If you have any questions about putting a wine cellar in your home, feel free to contact our wine storage consultants at 800.377.3330

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2 Responses to “Why Do I Need a Wine Cellar? The 4 P’s”

  1. Do you have a list of which types of wines cellar well. I have a professional 100 bottle wine cave and find that even there a few wines have turned after a year or two. Yet others are a delight to open after a few years of storage. There is nothing like opening that bottle that looks old and the label slightly tattered to find a delicious wine within.

  2. 2 Marshall (Wine Enthusiast Wine Storage Consultant) said:

    The best advice I can give is to read as much as possible about the wines that you plan to purchase and cellar. Most wines that are reviewed by professionals will identify how long you can hold the wine. Typically they will give a year of when the wine can drink until. For example, Drink now throuh 2012. Generally, the better a wine is made, and the more that the wine’s natural acidity is used to preserve the wine, as opposed to greater amounts of sulfites, the longer it will last. But as far as a list goes, you can always check out for reviews and many of them will include how long a specific wine can be stored.

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