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Corkscrew Styles: Pick Your Preference

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008 at 5:01:23 PM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

Corkscrews come in all shapes and sizes, for various purposes. They can be antique and decorative, high-tech and quick, or simply classic. Over the years we’ve discovered that a person’s wine opener preference can be a sensitive subject. Some swear by their favorite old-fashioned crankers while others seek new upgrades. It’s clear that there is something to love about every kind of corkscrew, and we’re here to explain the benefits of each. Pick your preference!

Laguiole Horn Finish1. Waiter Style: Perhaps the most widely used corkscrew today, the waiter style is great for its convenience and light weight. A small lip on the corkscrew allows the user leverage from the top of the bottle while lifting up the handle. A waiter style corkscrew user will open the worm of the corkscrew (squiggly metal part) so that it separates from the handle. Hold the top of the handle and press into the cork while twisting the worm down into it. Once you’ve turned as far as you can, push the wing down so that it grips the top of the bottle. Hold the bottle in place and lift up the handle to pull the cork straight up out of the bottle. Try our elegant Laguiole models.

Rabbit Corkscrew2. Lever Style: This style of corkscrew is great because it requires very little strength and it is very efficient. A durable lever style corkscrew will make opening bottles of wine easier than you’ve ever imagined. When using a lever you’ll want to position it so that the worm of the corkscrew is just above the cork, with the lever on top. Squeeze the wings on the sides together while lifting the lever until the corkscrew pops out of the bottle. That’s it! Try our rapid Rabbit wine openers.

Screwpull Trilogy3. Twist Style: Somewhere in between the size of a Waiter and a Lever style corkscrew is a basic, twist style. These can be kept on their stand at home or taken with you on-the-go. With a twist style you place the worm directly on top of the cork with the frame of the corkscrew on either side of the bottle neck. Twist the handle so that the worm goes into the cork. As you twist, the cork will be brought up towards you. Try the classic, Screwpull model.

Cork Pops4. Pump Style: Last but not least, the pump style corkscrew opens bottles with ease using pressurized, inert gas. Push the needle through the cork then push the CO2 cartridge and the cork will pop out! A fun trick for impressing friends. Try the Cork Pops Legacy.

What’s your corkscrew preference and why? Leave us a comment, and let us know!

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7 Responses to “Corkscrew Styles: Pick Your Preference”

  1. I love the lever for home, but since I work part time as a waiter, i use the waiter style corkscrew alot. I like a double hinge waiter corkscrew. It is much more efficient.

  2. 2 William Trukenbrod said:

    I bought 2 or3 of the Peugeut electric corkscrews about a year and a half ago and the two that i kept have died, neither one of them works, and since I don’t see tem advertised on your website anymore I can only assumehtat I’m not the first person to have this problem. What have you done for the other people?

  3. What is the best way to open a 6L bottle?

  4. I have a number of bottles of wine 15 to 30 years old. I have been using a double wing corkscrew but have found the cork breaks in half forcing me to push the rest of the cork into the wine. Ugg Is there an opener that would help solve the problem.
    Thanking you in advance

  5. 5 Cecil Humphrey said:

    My Legacy Corkscrew pushes the cork into the bottle instead of pulling it out.
    What am I doing wrong

  6. Hi Frank, the best solution for a broken cork is a corkscrew called an “ah-so.” It is essentially two metal prongs that can grab the broken cork before you are forced to push it into the bottle. It looks like this×263.jpg

    We don’t currently carry these but I’ll make sure we consider it for this very issue!

  7. Hi Cecil, the worm on the Legacy Corkscrew typically lasts 1-3 years depending on usage. You may need to replace the worm if this problem is occurring. Have you had the corkscrew for a long time, or is it new?

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