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Mother’s Day Wine Gifts: Our Top Favorites for All Moms

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008 at 10:11:19 AM
by Erika S., Wine Enthusiast Companies

A bouquet of roses? Pedicure? Jewelry? Yawn. I’m tired of that stuff and I bet my Mom is as well. Most Moms just want to relax on Mother’s Day and if your Mom is anything like mine, a little wine can go a long way toward relaxation.

Whether your Mom is elegant, crafty, unique, or indulgent you can enhance her wine drinking pleasure with these gorgeous gifts. There’s no need to search for something creative this year, we have it all right here. No matter what Mom’s personality is, we have the gift to suit her. Without further ado, our top ten favorite Mother’s Day gifts!

10. Wine Cork Trivet KitWine Cork Trivet Kit
For the crafty Mom. The perfect gift for the Mom who saves everything and loves new projects. The Wine Cork Trivet Kit will allow her to create a useful trivet out of all those old corks she’s kept from memorable bottles.

Pink Ribbon Gift Set9. Pink Ribbon Wine Gift Set for the Cure
For the charitable Mom. Let Mom enjoy herself while giving back to the community. This thoughtful gift set includes a set of 2 Riedel Vinum Pink Rose glasses along with a Pink Rabbit Corkscrew. 15% of the proceeds go to the Living Beyond Breast Cancer Foundation so both you and Mom can feel great about the purchase!


8. Pastel Bottle TagsBottle Tags
For the collector Mom. If your Mom boasts a tremendous wine cellar, help her get organized. These pastel bottle tags are a decorative way to track her cellar, so her favorite Brunello is always at hand.

Mille Fiore Decanter Stopper7. Mille Fiore Decanter Stoppers
For the showy Mom. Moms who like to display their wine in style will adore these decorative decanter stoppers. They turn any decanter into an elegant show!

6. Personalized Riedel O’sPersonalized Riedel O
For the unique Mom. What better way to celebrate Mom’s individual attributes than with her own personalized glassware? She’ll be proud to use these O’s glasses, made just for her.
Wine Country Appetizer Plates
5. Wine Country Appetizer Plates
For the entertaining Mom. If your Mom loves to relax with friends, these wine country appetizer plates will be right up her alley. She can showcase her best dishes, or her favorite take-out, with an assortment of wine label images on each.

4. Wine Enthusiast Butter CookiesWine Enthusiast Butter Cookies
For the indulgent Mom. Treat a sweets-loving Mom to delectable cookies that celebrate your love for her and her love of wine! These freshly baked cookies are shaped into a wine bottle, corkscrew, grapes and a wine barrel. Truly one-of-a-kind!

Agate Coasters3. Agate Coasters
For the elegant Mom. These eye-catching coasters are sure to brighten up Mom’s dinner party into an elegant affair. Or, she can make them the perfect complement to a glass of wine and television, whatever Mom enjoys most!

2. Women’s Group Therapy Tee ShirtGroup Therapy Tee Shirt
For the humorous Mom. If your Mom typically cracks the jokes, give her this witty “Women’s Group Therapy” tee. She’ll love kicking back with some “liquid therapy” while sporting it.

Uncorked with Ted Allen 1. Uncorked! Wine Made Simple
For the educational Mom. If Mom wants to learn something new about wine, this fun DVD hosted by Ted Allen, the wine and food expert on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy will show her a thing or two. She’ll become a knowledgeable wine buyer and drinker on her downtime.

What are you giving Mom this year? Leave a comment!

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  1. Awesome gifts! I am very glad to read this post.

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