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What Exactly Are Those Decanter Stoppers For?

Monday, March 24th, 2008 at 12:22:57 PM
by Carol K., Wine Enthusiast Companies

Mille Fiori Decanter StopperEver attend a party and admire a decanter of wine topped with an elegant decanter stopper? As much as it is a luxurious display, it is also careful planning by your host to serve you perfectly aerated wine. Decanting and aerating wine is not an exact exercise in timing. Every wine is different. A mature wine may need only 15 to 30 minutes to breathe in a decanter, while a young, tannic wine may require a few hours. Once wine reaches its full taste potential, a decanter stopper can help prevent it from aerating too much, thus becoming spoiled.

Decanter stoppers are perfect for “leftovers,” too. If you’re not going to finish all the wine in your decanter, just top it with a stopper. It’ll keep the air out just long enough for you to finish your wine later. They’re also handy for preventing cooking odors from wafting into your decanter and altering wine’s flavor. In short, decanter stoppers are good at stopping bad things from happening to your wine.

Do you have decanter stoppers? Tell us what you use them for! Leave a comment.

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